Summary: God created both rich and poor for His reasons, not ours.


Proverbs 22:2

Introduction – Story of Rockefeller interview. I met a millionaire in Hyde Co. His automatic response to the question, “How are you,” was “If I could just make that next nickel, I believe I would be alright.”. In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what you want. The other is getting it. It doesn’t matter what we have here on earth for it will not last

I. The Lord made the rich

A. Financially rich – Story about wealthy man and wish

1. Gift of giving

B. Spiritually rich – Story about different weapons in the military

2. Gift of serving

II. The Lord made the poor

A. Financially poor – Story of poor, sick, yet thankful man visited by a pastor

1. Need material basics

B. Spiritually poor – Story of unopened gifts

1. We all start here – The application of the Great Commission

III. The Lord brings rich and poor together

A. Financial – Story about gas tank

1. All needs met for poor

2. Spiritual/Financial blessing for rich

B. Spiritual – You came here with nothing and with nothing you will leave. What matters is how well you serve God while you’re here, for he is whom you will face when you leave.

1. Fulfillment of the Great Commission

2. Together they complete the body of Christ

V. Conclusion - After Rockefeller’s death, a man was curious about how much he left behind. An aide to Rockefeller said, “All of it.” Living this way enables us to be happy here on earth, yet keep our everlasting treasures in Heaven.

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