Summary: Learn how to dream for the sake of the Kingdom of God

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God Is Bigger Than Our Dreams!

Pastor Jerry C. Vargo

I. Introduction.

Opening Remarks

Ever since I gave my life to Christ, I have been consumed with the Kingdom of God. I have considered myself a dreamer in many ways. Yet, as I have begun to see my dreams unfold, I have been struck with the littleness of my dreams.

It seems that as I see the ease in which dreams come to pass, I am in awe at how small my dreams have been in comparison to the Greatness of God.

Now that I am doing what I¡¦ve always dreamed of doing¡KI have to start over again.

A. I must, we must, dream bigger¡Kbecause God is bigger than our dreams. In other words, there is no dream, no desire, no prayer, or no goal that is bigger than our awesome God!

B. We just dream too small. We need to begin to believe God for the ¡§hard things.¡¨ We need to grab onto these dreams in God-given faith.

C. Matthew 9:29 says, "According to your faith, it will be done unto you." Our faith in God¡¦s abilities is the key to seeing our dreams come to pass.

D. I want to ask you a few questions:

1. Why have we settled for little dreams when we serve a big God?

2. Why are we content to just ask God for the things that seem possible?

3. Why not ask God for the impossible?

4. Why settle for just a taste of God when we can have the entire seven course meal?

E. Turn with me to 2 Kings 2:1-14. Note the following:

1. Elisha is a dreamer. He follows Elijah everywhere. Why? He had a dream of being like his mentor.

2. Even when Elijah tries to turn him away¡KElisha stays put! He had a dream and he wasn¡¦t going anywhere.

3. Others got the news of Elijah¡¦s departure. Elisha wasn¡¦t about to miss out on the opportunity to become Elijah¡¦s successor.

4. Finally, Elijah says in verse 9, ¡§Ask what I shall do for you before I am taken from you.¡¨

5. Elisha¡¦s response was a speaking out of his dream. ¡§I want a double portion of your spirit upon me.¡¨

6. Remember now who we are talking about¡KElijah!

a. There was no prophet like him.

b. Predicted the 3 year drought.

c. Raised a child from the dead.

d. Stood against 400 prophets and called down fire.

7. Notice what he says in verse 10: ¡§You have asked a hard thing.¡¨

8. My response is ¡§SO?¡¨ I love the next word: NEVERTHELESS!

9. Here is where I believe that Elijah is a type of Christ. Explain how Elisha was told to keep his eyes on Elijah and not on the chariots.

F. I say the same to all of us today. Keep your eyes on Christ and DREAM. Believe God for the ¡§Hard Things.¡¨

G. God is bigger than our dreams! He wants us to believe for the IMPOSSIBLE!

H. I¡¦m starting to dream bigger!


I. So, how can we develop dreams that are more in line with the BIGNESS of our God? Well, faith is the answer.

J. The Bible tells us that without faith it is impossible to please Him.

K. Corporately, I want to challenge you to grow your dream. Let nothing hinder you. Your dreams could be too small. It¡¦s time to ask God for the ¡§hard things.¡¨

II. Body.

A. Let me mention 4 things about dreaming and then I¡¦m going to ask you to come to this altar and consecrate your dream to the Lord.

1. We Must Have Dreams!

A. Proverbs 29:18 says, ¡§Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, but happy is he who keeps the law.¡¨

B. Whenever God wants to accomplish something in our lives¡KHe gives us a dream. Dreams are what motivate us to move forward.

C. Dreamers are often the laughingstock of society and sadly often the church. But, Joseph was a dreamer and nobody was laughing when because of His dream coming to pass¡Keveryone was fed.

D. Your dream must be bigger than you. In other words, it must require extreme faith or else we will be tempted to accomplish it on our own.

2. We Must Do Something With the Dream That God Has Given!

A. We must move and take action on our dream. Nothing will happen until we begin to move forward.

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Timothy Maynard

commented on Oct 21, 2006

Thank you this message helped me to focus what I need to say to my peolple. Keep dreaming your ministry is helping other churches.

Rob Jarvis

commented on Mar 2, 2007

Great word from the Lord, and its still being said. Thanks for sharing.

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