Summary: GOD Is Both Kind and Strict - Romans 11:22

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GOD Is Both Kind and Strict - Romans 11:22

Romans 11:22 So you see that God is kind, but he can also be very strict. He punishes those who stop following him. But he is kind to you, if you continue trusting in his kindness. If you don't continue depending on him, you will be cut off from the tree.

As we can say our God is both Kind and Strict. Aren't we glad that we can come to the Father who delights in doing His Pleasures for us if we are obedient and will punish us if we disobey? What a wonderful God it is!

Numbers 14:18 You said, 'The LORD is slow to become angry. He is full of great love. He forgives those who are guilty and break the law. But he always punishes those who are guilty. He punishes them, and he also punishes their children, their grandchildren, and even their great-grandchildren for those bad things.'

Numbers 14:19 Now, show your great love to these people. Forgive their sin. Forgive them the same way you have been forgiving them since the time they left Egypt until now."

Numbers 14:20 The LORD answered, "Yes, I will forgive the people as you asked.

Numbers 14:21 But I tell you the truth. As surely as I live and as surely as the Glory of the LORD fills the whole earth, I make you this promise:

Numbers 14:22 None of the people I led out of Egypt will ever see the land of Canaan. They saw my glory and the great signs that I did in Egypt and in the desert. But they disobeyed me and tested me ten times.

I. GOD Is Kind

II. GOD Is Strict

I. GOD Is Kind

1. God will always be good to us as long as we're following His Words.

2. God in His Kindness, will fight for us against our enemies.

Romans 2:4 God has been kind to you. He has been very patient, waiting for you to change. But you think nothing of his kindness. Maybe you don't understand that God is kind to you so that you will decide to change your lives.

Romans 9:23 He waited with patience so that he could make known the riches of his glory to the people he has chosen to receive his mercy. God has already prepared them to share his glory.

II. GOD Is Strict

1. He will punish our enemies.

2. He will punish us if we disobey.

Romans 2:5 But you are so stubborn! You refuse to change. So you are making your own punishment greater and greater. You will be punished on the day when God will show his anger. On that day everyone will see how right God is to judge people.

Romans 9:22 It is the same way with what God has done. He wanted to show his anger and to let people see his power. But he patiently endured those he was angry with--people who were ready to be destroyed.

Psa 78:49 He showed the Egyptians his anger. He sent his destroying angels against them.

Psa 78:50 He found a way to show his anger. He did not spare their lives. He let them die with a deadly disease.

Psa 78:51 He killed all the firstborn sons in Egypt. He killed every firstborn in Ham's family.

Psa 78:52 Then he led Israel like a shepherd. He led his people like sheep into the desert.

God is just!

Psalms 58:10 Good people will be happy when they see the wicked getting the punishment they deserve. They will feel like soldiers walking through the blood of their enemies!

Psalms 58:11 Then people will say, "Good people really are rewarded. Yes, there is a God judging the world!"

Isaiah 66:14 When you see these things, you will be happy. You will be free and grow like grass. The LORD'S servants will see his power, but his enemies will see his anger.

Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

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