Summary: No matter what man may do, God is still in charge and WILL have the last say.

God is in Control!

Psalms 2

As I look about me at the world situation with all of its gloomy uncertainty, all of its unrest and tension, all of the evil in high places, and ungodly nations and leaders making a bid for supremacy. It makes you feel kind of discouraged about the future of everything.

When I begin to feel this way I think of this 2nd Psalm. It has a way of comforting my heart and reminds me that God is in control. It reminds me that this is my Father’s world; He created it and He still rules over it and that one day righteousness WILL triumph.

What is so special about this Psalm? Let’s read it and listen to God as He speaks out of His Word to His people and against the rulers of the world.


In this Psalm there are four stanzas of three verses each. Each is perfectly balanced and each is almost the same number of word. The picture in each stanza is perfectly finished without the slightest hint of hurry and crowding. It is excellently written.

The way it moves from scene to scene it reminds me of my favorite television show, 24. On one hand you have the camera on the bad guys and then there is another camera on the good guys and it keeps going, building to the end. Let’s look at this Psalm, scene by scene.

1) Human society rebels against God’s anointed Messiah, 2) provoking God’s scorn and sure judgment. 3) God has decreed that His Son will rule the Earth. 4) It is essential that we submit now and by taking refuge in the Son find blessing rather than destruction.

I. Scene one; Man’s Insurrection. (1-3).

A. Scene One – Rebellious Man.

1. There is wild commotion as the nations and people rush madly to one central place.

a) The purpose of this meeting is to set in motion a well planned revolt against their ruler.

b) They are rebelling against the Lord and His Anointed (Jesus).

2. The Psalmist can’t understand and asked the question:

a) Why would men do this?

(1) How can they be so silly to even think that they CAN do this?

(2) Every day men are doing it

B. Men think they can get along without God.

1. Everyday men are living lives that are in rebellion against God.

a) Everyday people are living in rebellion against those things that are holy.

2. How pathetic is it for us to think we can do it all on our own.

a) We don’t need God in our homes.

b) We don’t need God in our schools.

c) We don’t need God in our Nation.

d) And we have even gotten to the point where we think we don’t need God in our churches.

3. What is the most heart breaking thing I ever see as a Christian?

a) To see young people leave home and go to school, get a job and/or get married.

b) They then start a new home with a new family.

c) All the while throwing off all those bands that tied them to the spiritual things of God.

(1) It is as if they are saying that I am going to be Captain of my fate.

(2) I am the master of my own soul.

C. Our world and our nation is just like the people and nations mentioned here in the first three verses; now look at God’s response.

II. Scene two; God’s Indignation (4-6)

A. Scene Two – The Father.

1. This scene takes place in heaven.

a) As the camera pans in we see God, Our Father, sitting in the throne room – Laughing.

(1) He doesn’t become alarmed or disturbed at what the men of earth are doing.

(2) He simply chuckles at man’s belief that they can rebel against Him.

b) He has them in derision…

(1) … That is, He mocks them.

c) Then He speaks to them in His wrath and disturbs them in His displeasure.

(1) He tells them, “I have set My King on My holy hill of Zion.”

(2) He is letting everyone know that when it is all said and done, He has the final say.

(3) Man can plan rebellions all they want, Jesus is still King!

B. This scene encourages me.

1. It encourages me because I know that Islamic terrorism will not win out.

a) God has already set His Son upon the throne.

b) And one day every nation and every people WILL bow down at His feet.

2. It is encouraging that our country will one day return to God.

a) Even though we have turned our back upon Him.

b) Even though we have tried to break the cords that have made us a great nation.

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