Summary: The love of God overpowers anything you may have done, look to Jesus and the cross where His love was clearly displayed


John 3:16, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7


In the Christian faith there are mainly 2 celebrations that we observe:

• Birth of Christ (Christmas)

• Death and resurrection of Christ (Easter)

Both of these celebrations are highly important for us because both of them marked the turning of world history

As we’re in the Easter period and we celebrate Jesus ‘victory of the cross this morning, let’s focus and really look to Him

Often during this time especially you find many people going to church out of religion

You often find churches full to capacity because people have come to pay their Jews

Testimony: university minister (I-LIFE), over Easter the auditorium would be packed, other days not so full

It’s amazing to me to see that folk do realise that Jesus is King and Lord but not willing to lay a hold of Him, but come and be a part of the celebration once a year

If that is you this morning, i would like to let you know that Jesus loves you abundantly

Whilst seeking the Lord on what to preach about this morning, i felt him lay the word LOVE

Jesus’ birth and death points to one thing: LOVE

This season is all about love

Love that has been poured out for you and me

Love that does not discriminate

Love that welcomes all who acknowledge they are sinners

Love that covers all wrong

Love that provides a way to the Father

Love that gives us eternal life


1. GOD IS LOVE - JOHN 3:16

A lovely piece if scripture but packed with the heart of God

What we have here is Jesus meeting with one of the rulers of the Jewish council named Nicodemus

Nicodemus whom knew all about God and his laws never knew the heart of God and way of salvation

Jesus uses this to help him understand it

Jesus mentions to him that God so loved the world

The Father had not given up on the human race after sin entered the world

We see this right at the beginning that even when Adam and eve sinned, he removed them from his presence but didn’t kill them

What they lost was the presence and fellowship of God

Because of his great love, he raised up people in different generations to carry out his purposes:

• Moses

• Abraham

• David

• Isaiah

• Noah etc

The fathers love pointed to a certain place, the cross

The fathers love was portrayed (shown) in his Son

The sons love was portrayed (shown) in the cross

The holy spirits love was portrayed (shown) in providing strength to Jesus to accomplish this task

The trinity was at work in bringing salvation to us


God’s love is all we need

We celebrating as i said earlier this awesome love

Love that we don’t deserve, love we cannot earn, but which is lavished upon us

Just like Nicodemus, we need to understand the heart of God

Look at the fathers face this morning and see the tears in his eyes as he watched and eventually turned his face away as His Son was dying on the cross and the Holy Spirit unable to intervene because Jesus had to face the full length of this sacrifice

What does this love look like?


According to Paul who is writing the Corinthian church speaks about love to them

This is also a famous piece of scripture which is often used at weddings

The chapter of love

But what’s interesting is that Paul is using this in reference to spiritual gifts

Mentioning that without love these gifts are of no value

But if we go back to understand the heart of the Father, this is what we see

That the fathers love is patient

From the time of the fall and generations and centuries passed by, the Father remained patient

Throughout the Old Testament as the Father intervened and tried to bless his people they often rebelled against him, yet still he remained patient

After rescuing them from slavery, they spoke against him and started worshipping other gods, yet he remained patient

What we have in the world today is known as the microwave generation

That everything is fast paced, no patience involved


I want you to look at your life today and see how patient God had been with you

Can you imagine if he had given up on you, where would you be today

Testimony: look at my life: drug addict, alcoholic, gangster, prisoner – yet God was patient with me

Look at Jesus, who came to his own yet was rejected, spoken against, shamed, beaten and finally murdered

But through it all, he himself remained patient because he saw you and i

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