Summary: Who created everything? Who created God?

Let’s see your bibles today, let’s see your bibles today, say word. One more time say word. Let’s see your pens, lesson plan. Let’s turn to Genesis 1. Genesis is the first page of the whole bible. It’s easy. Genesis 1, the first page of the whole bible. It should be easy. As you turn there let me pray for you.

Lord thank you so much for today. Thank you so much for blessing us and we pray that ah you would open our eyes, the eyes of our heart that we may see clearly today. In Jesus’ name, Amen! Amen.

My wife and I like to go look at model homes just to look and how many of you all like to go look at model homes and, how many of you like to look at stuff you cannot afford? Look at you all, look at you all. That’s so ghetto too. You know what I’m saying? Cuz you’re, and ghetto, ghetto for all you all who, ghetto’s not a black term. It’s just ghetto. There’s white ghetto people, black ghetto people, Mexican, can I get an amen? I mean it’s just ghetto. It’s like you stuff that’s just not right. Right? And you go in like you got money right? like Yeah-yeah. And, and they have to talk to you as though you’re a potential buyer and they can tell. They can tell and you know they can tell when they go – Well here’s a brochure. Call us if you need us. That’s when they know that you’re not serious. So anyway we like to look houses and we’re actually trying to move now so we’re looking at a house to buy and you can tell a lot about people when you go in their house. You know how they decorated. Did they take care of the house? Some houses are jacked up and there’s some real nice but you could tell a lot about the owner, their style, their care, their attention to detail.

So behind me we have a living room and this living room is gonna be very instrumental in teaching us about God. This living room right here, now it’s very instrumental in teach about God. Now I’m gonna just point out two specific articles in the living room as a, as a starting point. So on the wall you have back here a cross. Ok see the cross in the living room? It’s on the wall. That’s gonna represent God cuz I’m gonna talk about God over the next few weeks about who, the series called Who is God? So I’m gonna talk about God and that cross is gonan represent God.

This nothing jar, I call it the nothing jar, see it has nothing in it. Ok you all see that. This represents nothing. Now the reason I put the nothing jar there is because some people don’t believe there’s a God or they believe that God is unknown. So we also have on the back just in case if you’re almost an atheist we have an unknown God. Ok? So that’s what this jar means. This jar represents those people who don’t believe in God.

So we got the cross for people who believe in a god and by the way the cross, though the cross represents the God of the bible there are some people who believe in a god. So we’re gonna just lump you in with us cuz I believe the evidence is gonna not only point to a god it’s gonna point to the God of the bible. It’s gonna point to the God of the bible.

Now and so you have the nothing jar. The nothing jar means nothing. Absolutely nothing, no God. Everyone say nothing. Ok so you have, we have an option of a God that we can know very specifically, and know God or just something out there that we don’t know. I’m gonna put those two together. Ok? But I believe the evidence is gonna come and point to a God that we can know and know a lot about and know personally.

Now some people might say – Isn’t belief in God about faith? Absolutely, everyone say faith. But faith is always based on facts. You don’t put your faith in feelings. Feelings change, feelings deceive. Faith is based on facts. And so you put your faith on facts. It’s evidence and, and the bible will tell us that God has given us plenty of evidence to point to His existence and plenty of evidence to describe who He is, what He expects of us, plenty of evidence to describe and lead us into a relationship with Him. So for the next few weeks we’re gonna look at that evidence and hopefully it’s gonna help you understand who God is and what He expects of you and hopefully the evidence will be very plain to you.

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