Summary: God is longsuffering toward us...He has gone to great lengths to bring us to Himself.

God is Reaching Out to You

Job 33:8-29

Intro: 2 Peter 3:9

1 Timothy 2:1-6

His love is universal

His grace if universal

His Gospel is universal.

God is longsuffering toward us.

Job 33

-God has gone to great lengths to get His message out to us. Vs 8

-Through His Son Hebrews 1: 1

-Though the Scripture

-Through His Saints. Mark 16:15

-Many of you have witness to people.

-Through tracts, witnessing etc.

-Through His servants.




-Soul winners.

The message is out there. Millions have heard

1. The extent of Man’s excuses. Vs 8-11

-“I don’t need to be saved, I am good enough”

vs. 9

-“I have been so bad, that there is no way

that God can forgive my sin. I am beyond

getting saved now.”

-“Getting save is to restrictive. I can’t do

anything, I can’t have any fun. I don’t want

to obey all those rules.”

2. The extent of God’s grip. Vs 12-22

-God keeps on speaking. Vs 14

-God doesn’t give up

-He doesn’t turn a way.

-He may speak in dreams and visions at night.

Vs 15-17

-His words will come back. Isaiah 55:11

-His work is not held back. Vs 15

-He will break down man’s pride. Vs 17

-God is trying to keep you from going to hell.

Vs. 18

-God may try to get your attention through

pain and suffering. Vs. 19-22

-Can’t eat or sleep.

-begins to loose weight.

-Many people have turned to the Lord in

their pain and suffering.

3. The extent of God’s grace. Vs 23-29

-There is a messenger …there is no IF.

-To show man how to be upright (saved).

-He will declare…I have found a ransom.

-That ransom is Jesus. 1 Timothy 2:6

-Jesus paid that ransom by His own life…He

is the ransom.

-He will be saved! Vs 26

-He will pray

-He will find grace Favorable – grace.

-Joy will be on his face.

-God will give him righteousness.

2 Corinthians 5:21

-He will be delivered from the pit and see

the light.

-The light that came into the. John 12:46

Conclusion: Have you found the ransom

-What did God have to do to get you to come to


-What will God have to do to get you to come

to Christ?

-You might have to be God’s messenger to bring

someone else to Christ.

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