Summary: God sees what you are going through, He cares about you, and He is thinking about you.

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November 2nd, 2003

Let us pray

Welcome.....mention Sis. Moss and the fire at her house last Sunday......

Last Sunday we used as our topic...Be mimics of God or Be imitators of

God, and we were en-couraged to walk in love; walk as children of light,

and walk in wisdom. Today, our topic will be, God is thinking about you,

and our scripture reading will be taken from Jeremiah 29 verses 8 through 13,

and this is found on page 5 in our bulletins. Let’s all stand and read together.

Let’s greet about 5 persons, and tell them, God is thinking about you.

It is quite possible you might ask these questions, Where is God? Does He

care about me? Does He care what happens to me? Don’t God see what I am

going through? I want you to know, God cares about you, and He is thinking

about you. Even though you might think otherwise, God is thinking about


We are now in the final 2 months of the year 2003, and in a few more weeks

the year 2003 will be no more. Before this year comes to an end, what do you

want God to do for you? I can hear somebody saying, pastor Thompson, I

am so glad you ask, because I want God to do something for me. Maybe you

need a financial break-through. Maybe you need a closer walk with God.

Maybe you need some peace and quietness on the job, and in the home.

Maybe you need a spouse to stand by your side; you have been single too

long. Maye you need to see your children turn to the Lord. What do you need

God to do for you?

Our theme this year is, With God All Things Are Possible or With God

Nothing Shall Be Impossible. I dare you right now to start asking God for

that which you need, for God has promised to supply all your need according

to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. God is thinking about you. God will

supply your need, and every now and then he will give you your want and

your desire. The problem is, God has supplied all our needs or most of our

needs, but in many cases we want more and more. All we might need is a

reliable car to go to work, but that’s not good enough, we want a luxury car,

and even though we can’t afford it, we desire the top of the line. It’s all right

to have the best possible, but maybe it’s not the right time. As the Christmas

season draws near, even though you might want and desire certain things, that

was not promised to you, but your needs God will supply.........elaborate...

Jeremiah 29 is a letter of advice from Jeremiah to the captives in Babylon.,

advising them to be peaceful and obedient captives, and promising return to

their homeland after 70 years. But amids’t all of this, there were false

prophets keeping up their fight against Jeremiah.

In our text for today, we find Go’d people were in captivity, and some very

strange things were taking place. The prophets were prophesying, the diviners

were doing their own thing, the people were dreaming, and deception was

taking place.

Let’s look at verses 8 & 9 of our text (read) Here God is speaking through his

prophet Jeremiah, Thus saith the Lord......Don’t be deceived by the

prophets and the diviners that are among you. My servant Jeremiah has

informed you that you will be in captivity for 70 years, but you have been told

otherwise that your captivity will be short, and soon you will be going home.

Your dreams have been mis-interpreted. These false prophets are using my

name, but I have not sent them.

I believe today, God is sending out a warning to his church here at Harvey to

to be on the look out for the false prophets. In order to recog-nize a false

prophet you must make sure you are genuine, and that you know the truth for

yourself. Because God is thinking about you, he wants you to know the truth

for yourself. Let’s look at a few verses as to what the Bible is saying about

false prophets. Let’s turn to Matthew 7 verse 15 (read and explain) Let’s turn

to 2 Corinthians 11 verses 13 through 15 (read and explain) Not everything

that look good, and sound good, is good. "False prophets appears in sheep’s

clothing, that is they appear to be committed to Christ just like true ministers

and believers. They profess to know Christ and behave like Christians. They

claim to be called ministers, and they hold the position of ministers within

churches and use Bible verses or texts for their messages. They appear to be

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