Summary: Life can be full of changes and therefore life is unpredictable. People go through changes too. Thus, people can be unpredictable. But there's one whom we can count on to never change-God. Let's take a look at our unchanging God.


Life can be full of changes. Sometimes it's for the better; sometimes it's not. Some surprises are joyous; some-not so much. Adjusting to life's curve balls can cause tension and anxiety. Life is unpredictable. Although it would be nice to go through life knowing what to expect it doesn't work that way; we can't get through life without dealing with changes. People go through changes too; sometimes for the better-sometimes not. Thus, people can be unpredictable. You think you know a person and then they do something to completely catch you off guard. But there's one whom we can count on to never change; one whom we never have to worry about having mood swings or changing his mind about something-God. It's good to know we have someone in our lives whom we can count on to always be the same. Let's take a look at our unchanging God.

1) God's love is unchanging.

Love can be one of those things that can be subject to change. Today it's, "I'd swim the ocean blue if it meant I would be always be with you." Tomorrow it's, "You can forget about me swimming that ocean blue because I've just found someone new; so toodle-loo."

The Supremes sang a song titled, "In and Out of Love". It has some interesting lyrics: "Keep falling in and out of love. In search for what I'm dreaming of. I long to find a love I'm sure about. That certain kind of love that moves all doubts. Just when I feel sure love's here to stay. It seems to suddenly just fade away. Can't seem to find that everlasting love. That this heart of mine needs so much of."

I wonder how many heart-broken people share that sentiment. Not that two people can't find that forever love but the perfect love that we can be 100% sure about, the kind of love that completely removes all doubts, the kind of love that's absolutely here to stay; that truly everlasting love we need so much is found in God. Speaking of songs, we sing one that states, "Your love is amazing; steady and unchanging."

David was focused on singing about God's great love in Psalm 89:1-2, "I will sing of the LORD'S great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations. I will declare that your love stands firm forever, that you established your faithfulness in heaven itself."

Isn't that just a wonderful thought; God's love being firm and forever? We never have to worry about whether God's love is conditional or whether it's altered by feelings. We may never find that steady, unchanging love in another person but we can be confident of finding it in God. His love never changes; it is always at the full mark. He has loved us to the fullest from the moment he created us. He didn't love us less before we knew him verses after we put our faith in him. He doesn't love us more the more we love him. His love for us is not dependent on anything but his perfect nature.

That can be hard to wrap our brain around because we're humans and that's not how typical human beings operate. And because of that, Satan will try to mess with our heads. He'll try to convince us that God doesn't love us or that because of what we've done he has stopped loving us or that he loves us less. He will try to get us to look at God as if he operates like a human.

But, thankfully, as Isaiah 55:8-9 declare, his thoughts and ways are not like ours-they are much, much higher. Higher, better, purer, holier-perfect. God does not think like we do, he does not act like we do; he does not love like we do. His love makes our love look like hate. God has and always will love you 100%. So we can sing and declare along with David, "Your love stands firm forever". God's love is unchanging.

2) God's word is unchanging.

Psalm 119:89, "Your word, O Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens."

If God has said it and established it there's no need for it to change-it's perfect. Theories change, philosophies change but not God's word.

Some people don't believe in absolute truth; they think truth is relative. In their minds the world is constantly changing and all the species are evolving so truth is doing the same thing. It's subjective; it's relative to the times. Progressivism-the idea that with modern times should come modern ways.

Therefore, the old things like the constitution and even the bible should be reevaluated and changed to fit with the times. These things are outdated and therefore need to be modernized in order to be truly beneficial. What might have been acceptable then isn't now. Since times and peoples and cultures change creeds and laws and standards need to change with it.

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