Summary: God has plans. God is at work. And sometimes we’re called upon to help others see and to hear from God.

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God in the Ebb & Flow of Life:

God Is Whispering

Scripture Text: Genesis 41.1-32


In today’s Bible-story, Pharaoh is confused. Although he has not-been sleep-walking, …he has been dreaming! Problem-was, …he didn’t know what the dreams were-all-about!

Joseph helps him with all-that. Joseph was familiar with the landscape of dreams ~ …he’s had his own, …and he’s also helped others understand their-dreams. But, as this chapter of Joseph’s life unfolds, …there’s one-particular-thing he-says that puts all-this-stuff into perspective.

Pharaoh calls-him-in and says that he’s heard that Joseph can interpret-dreams. And here’s what Joseph says:

"I cannot do it," Joseph replied to Pharaoh, "but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires." (Gen 41.16)

“I cannot… but God will give…” There’s a lot of stuff in this chapter that we could zero-our-attention in-on; …but, I-think what-God-wants us to give-an-ear-to, …is the whispering of God.


The whispers of God can be heard in a variety of places, ...and in all kinds of circumstances. I think God whispers everyday through the stunning-beauty of sunrises and sunsets. I think that God is whispering to us through the warm-embrace of our spouse, …and in kisses-on-the-forehead by parents. I think God whispers through Christian-songs on the radio; …and in the feeble-attempts of pastors to preach and give-words-of-counsel.

God whispers in all kinds of ways, and at all kinds of times ~ …but-the-thing-about-whispering is that you either sit-up and take-notice, …or it slips-past and you don’t-even-know how it could’ve changed-your-world!

God whispered in this-segment of Joseph’s life ~ …follow-it with me, …if-you-will:

I. God, Whispering in the Stillness

Pharaoh has a dream. Just like the baker and the cup-bearer, last-week ~ …God wanted to speak to him through a dream. So, he had these-two-dreams of fat-and-skinny-cows, …and plump-and-desperate stalks of wheat.

Frued might want to explore Joseph’s relationship with his mother; …other-psychologists might want to investigate his feelings of weakness and diminishing-power ~ ...but-Joseph recognized that Pharaoh’s dreams were not-so-much-about-him, …as they were about God and what God was going to do.

When you look at the timing-and-method of how God spoke to Pharaoh, …you see that God is whispering in the stillness. Sleeping. Resting. Quiet. Maybe God chose this time because Pharaoh wasn’t distracted with the business of running his empire. Maybe God chose to do-this through a dream because Pharaoh’s mind was stilled from plotting-and-planning the next-big-move. Maybe God chose to speak to Pharaoh in the stillness of the night because He knew that Pharaoh would be more likely to hear ~ …but-whatever-the-reason for God choosing to speak to Pharaoh in dreams, the fact-is that in-the-stillness-of-Pharaoh’s-dreams, …God whispered.

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