Summary: Asking God to teach us not to disobey Him

Get Connected: A Daily Pattern for Prayer

"God Keep Me from Disobeying You"

Week 5

Matthew 6:13

We are two thirds of the way through this series of message called Get Connected: A Daily Pattern for Prayer. God more than anything else wants an intimate relationship with you. He wants all of your heart and He wants all of your life. He didn’t send His Son Jesus to die for you just to save you and for your to continue on with life as usual.

No, He died for you to be forever intimately connected with Him in fellowship. And He knows the only way that intimacy is going to grow is for you to spend personal time in prayer fellowshipping and worshipping Him. Your not going to know the Lord the way God wants just coming and getting a spiritual fix one hour a week. No it comes from a daily personal time in prayer alone with God in prayer. It’s your time to connect with God. It’s your time to grow in intimacy.

“God I praise you”

“God I want to do your will”

“God meet my daily needs”

“God forgive me for my sins”

This week – “God keep me from disobeying you”

Matthew 6:13 “And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” NAS

It seems to be implying that God leads us into temptation. God doesn’t lead any of us into temptation. The bible says God doesn’t tempt anyone. There is no sin in Him and He does not tempt anyone of us to sin.

Better rendered. "Make us aware of the temptations around us and help us not give into those temptations."

God desires to deliver us from temptations but we need to cry out for His help and deliverance.

God’s will for our lives is that we would not sin. He is after Perfection. He is after righteousness. He is after holiness. That needs to be the cry of our heart everyday. “God help me to be perfect like you are perfect.”

That's why Christ says to cry out daily and ask God for His help in being delivered from evil.

Listen to this warning from, I Cor. 10:12 “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall.” NAS

One thing we need to remember we should never should get to the point when we feel like we have arrived in our Christian life. That we have conquered sin. That we are beyond falling. No one is beyond falling or committing any sin.

Proverbs 16 talks about pride going before a fall.

Pride is one of those sins that causes us to fall further into sin. Don’t ever come to the point of thinking, “I’ve made it.” “I’ve conquered that sin.” “I’ll never struggle with that one again.” As soon as you do that God says you will fall.

What Peter told Jesus.

Let’s all be honest with each other today. No of us has arrived and none of us is beyond falling into any sin.

One thing Jesus is trying to communicate to us here, is it's not enough to just

prayer for forgiveness of our sins we need to ask for God's power to help us overcome sin in our life.

We live in an evil world. Evil is all around us. Sin is everywhere. Sin is rampant. Oh how we desperately need God’s strength to stand against it.

Tempt means - to entice to do wrong with the promise of pleasure or gain.

Everyone of us are tempted each day to do wrong. To disobey God. To do something wrong with a promise of pleasure or gain of some type. You need to know there are powerful forces working against us each day to cause us to stumble and fall and disobey God and sin.

We need to understand how we are tempted.

How we are tempted:

1. From the evil desires within us.

James 1:14-15a “Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. These desires give birth to sinful actions.” NLT

So one of the first ways we are tempted is by our own evil desires. It’s the evil desires within each of us that are at work.

Each of us was born into sin. We inherited the sin nature of Adam. Adam was created perfect without sin but Adam was tempted and sinned and because of his sin all of us are born with a sin nature. We can’t get away from this. His sin causes all of us to sin.

When we are born again in Christ. We receive another spirit. The spirit of God. Now there are two natures within us. Sinful nature and a spiritual nature. Listen how Paul puts it in Galatians 5:17.

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