Summary: Constantly seek out, reach out to, and acknowledge Jesus and be empowered with healing and peace!

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Ever wonder if God hears you at all?

Is God ever too busy to care for us?

Please open your Bibles to the Gospel of Luke Chapter 8.

We will note in our Bible passage today how simple faith can move the power of God!

Before reading our passage, let us pray our commitment to God and His Word….

Read along with me Luke 8:40-48…..

We will talk about Jairus and his daughter next week. This morning let us learn from the healed woman. We can learn a lot from this passage alone in Luke, but let us go ahead and read how the other Gospels described the story.

Turn to Matthew 9:20-22….

Mark 5:23-34………

Let us summarize the story:

Jesus was on His way to Jairus house and a crowd of people were following Jesus.

1. People crowded Jesus.

Jesus’ life has become busy!! Ever wonder how busy God gets? God oversees over 6 billion people on earth, there are billions of suns in His universe, and there are so many angels, only God can count them! God is busy! But is God too busy for you and me? Let’s continue to learn.

And in the midst of the crowd,

2. there was woman with a bleeding disease.

According to the Gospel of Mark, this woman tried everything and spent all her money trying to get healed. Let’s make a note that,

3. The woman sought and received all the help the world could give.

After all that money, time, hope, and care but no cure,

The woman heard about Jesus. What do you think she heard about Jesus??

And so the woman fought her way through the crowd to get to Jesus because she thought, as stated in Mark 5:28 “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.” Can you picture that seen with this woman?

In the midst of a crowd, this woman struggled (remember she was sick),

4. the woman reached out to touch Jesus for healing.

5. She was healed but Jesus asked who was healed?

This is very interesting isn’t it? Look at how the disciples responded to Jesus in v45…….

The Disciples were basically saying, “how can you ask who touched you when everyone in the crowd is touching you!!” The disciple, at that time, still had a “worldview” of God, rather than truly listening and believing Jesus Christ.

Here’s the other thing we should note; yes Jesus became a human being on earth but He is always God. Don’t you think Jesus really knew who touched Him for healing?

But yet, we read in Mark 5:32, But Jesus kept looking around to see who had done it.

If Jesus is God, and He is, Jesus knew each person who touched Him; but He kept asking who touched Him! Why do you think Jesus was persistent in finding out who touched Him, when He likely already knew who it was??

6. Jesus wanted the woman to fess up!

Look at v47 of Luke 8 again…….

What did the woman do?

7. With fear, the woman publicly confessed, humbled herself before Jesus, and proclaimed the power of God!

Was Jesus adamant in finding this woman to scold her for touching Him and pulling power out of Him??

8. Jesus was looking for the woman to bless her!

In v48 of Luke 8, we read Jesus telling her that her faith healed her and peace was given to her.

And so, what are the main Biblical principles for us?

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