Summary: When society contains people of opposing beliefs and lifestyles, it’s easy to get confused and start thinking that tolerance is the same as approval.

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

6 January 2012

Judges 2:11,4:1, 6:1, 8:33, 13:1; 1 Cor. 1:27-29

God looks to the faithful

Read the headlines:

Family feud leaves 69 brothers dead!

Powerful Government leader caught in “love Nest.”

Gang rape leads to victim’s death and dismemberment.

Girls at party kidnapped and forced to marry strangers.

Sensational headlines like these/usually found/front page or our newspapers,

• Actually describe some/events/narrated/Judges.

• A dramatic change from book Joshua.

Near end of Joshua, they were resting from war, enjoying the riches of God

They were given the promise land.

• But Book/Judges pictures Israel suffering….

• Invasion, slavery, poverty, civil war

• What happened?

Deuteronomy 6 outlined/nation’s responsibilities. 4 things.

• Love/obey/Jehovah as the only true God.

• Teach your children God’s laws

• Be thankful for God’s blessings

• Separate yourselves/worship/pagan god’s/in Canaan.

(our translation) Do not conform/pattern’s/world.

Unfortunately, the new generation failed in each.

• One of two things was true: either

• Older/generation/failed/instruct /children/grand’s

• Or, if they had, they refused to submit to God’s law.


My prayers for the New Year will be to fall in love with God’s Word again and again and again and to experience Him in a new way.

My prayers are to include the church body to experience this in their lives.

• The explosion of Pentecost/lives of believers

• The power to sling giants/stones

• To feel/hear/speak revival in our lives.

This coming year let us walk into the promise land.

Not only walk into it, but heed the Word of God in it.

That promise land may be….

• Your own life experience

• Your family healing

• Your relationships with friends/coworkers

this will only come with the power of the almighty.

• Transforming and conforming you into His Image.

• If you’re a child of the king, you’re already there.

• You just have to enable that Spirit to move.

• Enable it by reading/God’s Word/praying/meditating

• Now let’s look and get some guidance/direction from God.


First, let’s take a walk/Israelites/they escaped Egypt

• Wandering through the desert 40 years.

• Why were they there so long?

• There/blessings/curses throughout this time.

They received blessings and prospered for a while then…

• They forgot their God/got idle/stagnant.

• They just went through the routines

• Took God for granted.

• We don’t do that do we?

We don’t…..

• Just call upon God when we need Him.

• One verse a day doesn’t keep the devil away

• Show up for worship to show up.

We have learned from the past from/Israelites haven’t we?


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