Summary: why should a Christian give, how to give. Tithes, Offerings

God Loves a cheerful Giver

2 Corinthians 9:6-15

I am a giver, are you?

Do you give your time freely?

Would you give your last bread to someone who needs it?

One of the things of faith which we must or should be doing is the action of giving.

God calls us to give of ourselves, our time, our resources.

Yet there are so many of us who do not want to give. It is much easier to spend money on ourselves than to give. All our abilities and talents we receive from God, which are to be used fro His glory. How did we get where we are without our abilities. IT ALL BELONGS TO GOD.

We must train and improve our ability so that we can reach the highest possible standard and influence others to follow Him.

We need to do all the good we can by: all the means we can, in all the ways we can, at all times and to all the people for as long as you can.

Luke 12:48 says 'Unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required.'

If we seek to do His Will and desire His approval of our giving and earn our riches in heaven than we will reach out to those in need.

Do we offer to help our spouse?

Do you give up that last piece for someone else?

Do we encourage people younger than us?

Do we really take interest in what our children are doing?

Do we offer to clean up afterwards?

Do we help an older or disabled person?

Do we listen when someone needs to talk?

Do we put others first?

God implanted in every believer a desire to give but we are so afraid that we will go short or will not make it through the month. maybe we are afraid to give up that which we enjoy, and take it from me it is very hard to do. In order to see God doing things in our lives we will have to respond.

And so it is the same with tithes and offerings

What it is: Tithes is a percentage that we can freely give to the church so that they are able to carry on with God's work. Offerings are amounts given above the tithes.

Paul had the same problem with the church in Corinth. Paul writes strongly here to the people warning them, this warning we can take for ourselves as well, it is not just talking about giving or intending to but that we actually do what God desires and engage in generous giving. Paul tells us four things about the kind of givers that God wants us to be:

1) Generous givers prepare ahead of time - when we plan it puts us in a frame of mind which is willing, ready and able to give. We need to sit with a budget and determine how much you will give in advance.

2) Generous givers are imitators of God - we cannot out give God. (John 3:16). God gave His Only Son. God has blessed us with the Holy Spirit and Angels, so much He has given us then how come we cannot give? How can God give us more?

3) Generous givers trust God - The important thing is not how much we give, it is the decision, and it is how we give. It is a step of faith. God will supply all our needs.

4) Generous givers always receive more - What you sow you will reap (like a field of corn- there is a process to go through)Just like a harvest, you will receive riches in heaven where it counts to what you give on earth. We will grow and become more like Christ when we give.

But why do we have to tithe? Mal 3:10

BECAUSE GOD COMMANDS IT: Bring your whole tithe to the storehouse, today the church is the Storehouse.

TITHING PROVES GOD'S WORD IS TRUE: Put God to the test and you will be blessed

TITHING TEACHES US TO PUT GOD FIRST: Everything is given to us by God so give back

TITHING IS ESSENTIAL TO SPIRITUAL GROWTH: How can God trust you with more if you do not tithe.

Giving is a part of worship that we offer to God. As we fulfil God's Will - He will fill our lives with blessings from His Hand. Christians should give out of the willingness of their hearts and thanksgiving to God for who He is and what He has done for us. Giving is done in response to the good teachings Christians receive, to support those who teach and those in need.



We would do well to remember that we are saved because our God gave so let us honour Him by giving.

Paul said ' You should set aside a sum of money in keeping with your income.'

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