Summary: Michael Yaconelli’s "Messy Spirituality" God’s Annoying Love for Imperfect People

Template Oct 15, 2006 Messy Spirituality Series 3

Felt Need: Did Jesus have to turn everything upside down to get people like me to listen?

Hoped for Results: Jesus was against the status quo, he loved the adventure of the unknown.

Message: God loves us when we are uncomfortable

Scripture: Luke 18: 35-42 CEV

Jesus Heals a Blind Beggar

35When Jesus was coming close to Jericho, a blind man sat begging beside the road. 36The man heard the crowd walking by and asked what was happening. 37Some people told him that Jesus from Nazareth was passing by. 38So the blind man shouted, "Jesus, Son of David, [a] have pity on me!" 39The people who were going along with Jesus told the man to be quiet. But he shouted even louder, "Son of David, have pity on me!" 40Jesus stopped and told some people to bring the blind man over to him. When the blind man was getting near, Jesus asked, 41"What do you want me to do for you?" "Lord, I want to see!" he answered. 42Jesus replied, "Look and you will see! Your eyes are healed because of your faith."


A. To be comfortable or to be uncomfortable in church

1. We like the comfortable, Predictable, the Known

2. God likes the unpredictable, the unknown, the surprises.

Illustration Gang members come to church.

B. Jesus did “spiritual thing” all wrong.

1. Pharisees criticized Jesus regularly for not living up to the law.

2. Disciples misread the importance of Jesus mission.

Disciples worried about theories, Jesus worried about the Blind man.

Brennan Manning’s story

C. God calls to be His hands, feet, eyes.

1. God call us to go out into the highways and byways to invite people to the feast

Luke 14:15-23 (imagine the dinner with all the rabble present with the King)

2. The feast for God’s children is the good news that is delivered to the least of these.

The wedding party story



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