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While I was in the Navy, one of the duty stations I was assigned to was a nuclear powered guided missile cruiser out of Alameda, California. One of the many duties I was assigned was "I" division officer, responsible for coordinating the indoctrination of personnel who recently reported for duty aboard the ship. The commanding officer, Captain Chase, insisted that he be the first to address these newly reporting personnel. He would come in and we would all stand to attention, an honor due to the head of the crew. After putting us at ease, he would address the assembled crew members saying: Welcome aboard. I would like to congratulate you on becoming millionaires. This is a multi-billion dollar ship and the Navy has given you a multi-million dollar share in responsibility for it. This is a magnificent ship with awesome weaponry, sophisticated combat systems, and the most modern technology including two nuclear reactors for driving the ship. But, it is still just a ship!

It, and all the other things that come with being in the U.S. Navy, exists for one reason - to enable you to accomplish your mission, which is to defend your family, friends and neighbors against any enemy. You are USS ARKANSAS. The ship is CGN-41.

Captain Chase told his crew that the institution exists to enable its members to accomplish their mission. Anyone who got confused about that and thought that the members existed to enable the institution to accomplish its mission would soon encounter problems. Anyone who got confused about who was the head of the crew often found themselves in trouble as well.

One of the problems created when we get confused concerning the roles of the institution and its members is that the mission often becomes distorted.

When I was a Scoutmaster, we had a Council Executive who got confused. He thought that the boy scouts existed to enable the council to accomplish its mission, which he thought was to make money. As a result he cut back on services to the scouts. If you’ve ever been to summer camp, you know that food is a very important component of the camping experience. This council executive cut back on expenditures for the procurement, preparation and serving of food amongst other things at the council’s summer camps. This resulted in a dissatisfying experience for the boys who attended the camps. The following summer the council’s summer camps were poorly attended because the boy scouts chose to attend other councils’ camps. The council started having financial difficulties and even considered selling one of the 3 council camps to keep from going into the red financially.

That council executive moved on to another position in scouting and was replaced by another executive who wasn’t confused about the council’s mission, which is to enable boys to become good men. He did what was necessary to ensure that boys who attended the council’s summer camp sessions had an enjoyable experience. The result has been that the council has had to add summer camping sessions to accommodate all the scouts who want to attend the council’s summer camps and the council is no longer experiencing financial difficulties.

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