Summary: Creation of the world by God

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Genesis (means beginning) - not a science text - or current events

(written by bilingual Moses about 1300 BC describing events at least 500 years prior (Joseph) to 800 yrs prior (Abraham) to ?

Genesis communicates truth - unique among creation stories

God 1st Material stuff 2nd. Science is so overwhelmingly proving that God exists that if they want to have a debate to prove that God does not exist, they must go to the philosophy dept. to find someone to debate the issue, science is unable to successfully debate the issue anymore

In the beginning = GOD

Gen. 1:1-2:3 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

40 years ago Stanley Miller took methane, and hydrogen and ammonia and put an electrical spark through it and created amino acids, and his conclusion was that God was out of a job. But NASA says that the atmosphere in those early years was mostly CO and N so even NASA says that his evidence is totally useless.

The COBE project - Apr. 24, 1992 Cosmic Background explorer satellite confirmed the big bang theory, concluding that 14 billion years ago all matter, stars exploded from a space the size of a period in this sentence. No longer is anyone able to say that the universe has always been there. Scientists readily admit that something can not come forth out of nothing, so for the universe to exist there had to be someone to create it. Whatever causes the original, must be uncaused itself, beyond the limitations of time because It created time. And it must be immaterial.

35 years ago the common thought was that life was a random event with boundless ways for life to begin to exist. It turns out that this is totally wrong, that the chances of life springing up are so minuscule that there is really no chance of chance playing a part. For example, if the rate of expansion within one second after the big bang had been 1/100 trillionth of a % smaller, the universe would have immediately collapsed into a fireball. Unless the # of electrons matches the # of protons to within 1 trillion trillion trillion, of a percent there would be no chance of planets or solar systems emerging.

If there were dimes covering the entire NA continent up to the moon (1/4 million miles high) and also a billion similar continents covered with dimes and only 1 painted red, the chance of blindly choosing that dime is equivalent to the odds just described

Life is balanced on a razors edge, it is so precise that it is a miracle that it even took place at all.

- God spoke and it was Created - read examples from Gen. 1

Good reason to learn and explore God’s Word

-It was good

Not only good but Amazing! why is there so much diversity, creativity, and imagination. Does the vast creation hide or reveal the character of God?

Comment on the diversity of creation - see bulletin about insects 2 million species catalogued - 5-10 million not yet. (some estimate over 1 million kinds of beetles alone!)

The miracle of ice, water is the only molecule that gets bigger when it gets colder.

"Body snatcher" parasites that control their host’s behavior cause their hosts to act in ways that are very different from their normal behavior. When a thorny-headed worm reaches maturity inside a pillbug, it causes the pillbug to move out into the light, against its normal urge. Exposed, the pillbug is more likely to be eaten by a bird. If it is eaten, the thorny-headed worm then enters the next stage of its life cycle inside the bird, its new host.

The lancet fluke passes through several stages in the course of its life, the fluke must pass directly from the body of a snail to an ant and finally into a sheep - a transition that would be a lot simpler if the three species ordinarily met. First it develops in eggs in a pasture but do not hatch until eaten by a snail. After 3 months, they are ejected by the snail in the form of slime balls. Ants eat the slime balls and they continue their growth. To move into their final host the fluke must get the ant who generally stay near the ground, to be eaten by sheep. The fluke overcomes this difficulty by invading the ants nervous system. Under this foreign control, the ant suddenly and unaccountably decides to climb a tall blade of grass and lock its jaws shut on the tip. Unable to escape the lancet fluke’s command, the ant has no choice but to await being eaten by sheep.

Why is there so much diversity, creativity, imagination?

Does the vast creation hide or reveal the creator

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