Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This second message in this series shows us God is the one who inspires us to pray


Part Two

“God Prays Also”

Adapted from a message by Wayne Field

Genesis 12:1-4

August 27, 2006

Broadway Baptist Church


Last week we started a series on prayer. We learned we need to pray with boldness and persistent passion. When we pray we also need to believe God will answer. Today I want us to ask a question. If prayer is talking to God does God pray? I believe scripture tells us He does. We hear people say, “God told me to do….” We’ve have also heard people say, “God spoke to my heart.” Does that mean we actually heard a voice speaking to us? Although I know God has spoken audibly to individuals and have had 1 occasion when this happened to me the vast majority of the time we don’t hear an audible voice. I think we get the impression that God always spoke audibly all the time in the Old Testament. He did several times but not always. (Job heard a still small voice) We can’t be saved unless the Holy Spirit draws us to Himself so if you are a Christian then you have heard God speak to your heart.

I. GOD PRAYS TO US (Read Gen 12:1)

A. God is the one who prompts us to pray (Read John 6:44a)

B. You can’t have a conversation with someone without listening to what they have to say. So, we need to take the time to listen to what God has to say.


A. When God speaks He shows us something about Himself, his purposes, or his ways. He told Abraham to do three things. (Read Gen 12:1)

1. Leave his country

2. Leave his family

3. Go where he wanted him to go

B. How do we listen?

1. We need to be still (Read Psalms 46:10)

a. Don’t be in a hurry and take time to listen (Share what Bill Harris said about God speaking)

2. We need to invite God to speak (Read Isa 3:10)

3. It’s ok to ask questions

4. We need to be tuned in to God’s voice

a. We need to expect him to speak.


A. Sometimes we don’t hear God speak because He knows we won’t do what He is asking.

1. God spoke to Abraham because He knew what he would say. “Yes Lord!”


If you don’t remember anything from this message please remember when you sense the need to pray it’s not of your own choosing. It is God calling your name because He wants to talk with you.

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