Summary: As God prepared a way for mankind to be redeemed, He has prepared a way for you.

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* Beginning series, Look At Jesus, A Study of the Book of Mark.

* “God prepares a way”

* For a theologians, Mark is an important Gospel.

* Many call this the Gospel of Peter.

* Mark, the author, is John Mark.

* We first find John Mark in acts. Peter is released from jail goes to where the church was meeting at John Mark’s mother’s house.

* Next, he on a mission trip with Paul and Barnabas.

* He is Barnabas’ nephew.

* He turned back and Paul thought he betrayed them.

* Paul and Barnabas were going on another trip, Paul protested over bringing Mark.

* The argument over john Mark became heated, and Paul took Silas.

* Barnabas took John Mark.

* Later, Paul found John Mark valuable to him in his ministry, as recorded in 2 Tim 4.

* John Mark was, according to early writers, a writer for Peter.

* Early Christian writers state that the early believers wanted to hear again and again the stories of Jesus as told by Peter.

* Peter recognized the gift of writing in his protege, John Mark.

* By popular demand, John Mark was solicited to write the stories of Peter.

* You can see the influence of Peter in the book.

* Peter was a man of action and the Gospel of Mark moves rapidly.

* Mark is able to make a point with a few words.

* Only one parable is found in Mark. He writes a book of mostly action.

* Mark records that Jesus taught, but not the content of what He taught.

* Another reason for this style is the intended audience.

* Mark was written for Roman Christians, Gentiles.

* It contains no Genealogy, such would not impress Gentiles.

* J. V. McGee said, “A King needs resume, servant needs references.”

* The style of Mark is based more upon what Christ did than who He was to the Jews. * Jewish traditions are explained to the Gentiles for understanding.

* Mark presents Jesus as the Suffering Servant of God, not the King of the Jews.

* The question Mark answers is, “Can Jesus live up to the redemption requirements of sinful Gentiles?”

* Mark answers it with a resounding “YES”.

* Now, if you are not a theologian, if I have lost you, let's focus back.

* Blink out your glassy eyes and listen for a few minutes.

* Mark will give us a fresh look at this one named Jesus.

* Look at Jesus. God prepares the way. (Pray)

I. God prepared the Way.

Mark 1:1 The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

* Mark sets the pace of his style with a sentence fragment.

* HE simply states his title. The gospel of Jesus Christ, part one.

* That is where we must all begin. The Beginning of the Gospel.

* There are three theological beginnings in the scripture.

John 1:1 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

* In eternity past, something we cannot grasp, there He was, Jesus Christ in the beginning.

* Since that is beyond the capability of mankind to grasp, we are ask to grasp this by faith.

Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

* In the infinity of eternity, God placed a peg.

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