Summary: In this series I break down Noah’s life into 4 parts. I began by looking at how evil the world was during his time and trying to apply that to our time.

God Responds to Evil in the World!

If I was Satan

Convince the world it is good

What a great tactic

Andrew Murray

Result = a world full of evil


The life of Noah

Read Gen. 6:5-11

1. The World is Evil!

I’m a good person- Ps. 14:1-3

God uses some very descriptive words in Genesis 6:5-11

Wickedness, evil, violent, corrupt

Spoil- to damage so as to make useless

Violent crime in our society

Sodom- Gen. 19

Alternate lifestyle

God was grieved in His heart

The seat of emotions

Love the Lord with all your “heart”

This is a result of sin, our sinful nature

Ro. 3:23

This evil world, we have missed the mark

Worse, we have spoiled God’s plan

2. God Offers His Grace!

Description of Noah- v. 8-9

Perfect-complete (integrity)

It’s a hyphenated word in Hebrew

This man found “favor” in the eyes of God

Favor = Grace

Grace = God’s unmerited favor toward man

Even Noah, as good as he was, didn’t deserve God’s grace

Eph. 2:8- it is a gift, no one is good enough to deserve it

In the midst of corruption and evil, God is there

And He is offering us His grace

Romans story continues

Ro. 6:3-7

So what?

It becomes a choice now- Ro. 7:14-20

What will you do with what you know?

Read Genesis 6:8, 9 again

I want to be a person that fits in v. 8

But “Stan” found favor

What about you?

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