Summary: Simple sermon on the creation

God rested that day.

Genesis 1 – 3

I. The Spirit of God comes out of the dark, shapeless void to take an embryonic mass and breathe life into it. When God speaks, light comes into existence. The light conquers the dark, and then God rested that day.

II. God made the sky to be beautiful and pretty. He places it high and positions the earth beneath it. When he was done, God rested that day.

III. Now, on the third day, God took hold of the dry land and brought it out of the clear, blue water by using His mighty Word. He named the dry land earth and the water He named the sea. As God spoke to the earth, it brought forth flowers; grass and fruit trees grew on the hills. As the wind rush across the newly formed plains, He looked at all that was done and was pleased. Then God rested that day.

IV. Early the next morning, God’s light moved across the face of the earth. God calls forth the seasons. He identifies the days and years. With His mighty Word, He places the sun and moon high up in the heavens to reign over the earth. He says, ‘The sun shall rule in the daytime and the moon shall rule by night.’ When it was all said and done, God rested that day.

V. The water began to swirl as the fish appeared from everywhere. Suddenly, all manners of birds appeared in the bright blue sky. In the deep sea, appeared whales and every kind of sea animals. God smiled joyously, blessed them, and sent them on their way to fill the waters and the sky. Then God rested that day.

VI. Out of the muddy brown earth, God’s Word brings forth all the worlds wildlife to occupy the dense forest. Then God and His Counsel came down to the earth and took a part of it. With this, God molded man and shaped man in His image. God breathes the Breath of Life into man. When it was all said and done, God richly blessed His most prized creation by giving his dominion and control over everything God ever made. Then God rested that day.

VII. The job was complete and God looked over what He had accomplished. Heaven was so beautiful with the stars twinkling brightly in the night sky. However, nothing could compare to the man He had made. In him, God was pleased. God declared, ‘ Holy is this day.’ Then God rested that day.

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