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God rested that day.

Genesis 1 – 3

Chapter 1: The dark quiet chaotic colossal expanse

Most scientists and scholarly philosophers speculate that the universe began in what has come to be known as the Big Bang. However, there is another more realistic version of the creation of the earth and the universe. Though the Big Bang theory does contain some important truths; it overlooks the idea of the existence of an all-powerful being at work in the mist of the dark colossal expanse.

The suggested Big Bang was not really an "explosion" in the sense that we understand it. The Big Bang heard across the dark quiet colossal expanse was actually the emergence of the spoken word of God. Many uncertain years ago, the almighty Spirit of God forcefully emerged out of the dark, shapeless void of the unformed infant universe. God decided to take an embryonic mass of cold brown dirt and breath life into it. This would be the greatest creation God would ever make.

He had created the majestic angels and decorated the boundaries of heaven with the presence of His throne. This time he would do more of the same. God purposely intended to design His magnificent creation as a representation of heaven, itself. As the almighty God peered across the dark quiet chaotic colossal expanse, He suddenly spoke. The sound waves vibrated across the no longer quiet expanse.

These sound waves became the first words ever spoken as they loudly thundered across the expanse. The words, ‘Let there be light,’ raced through the galaxy with tremendous speed. They were spoken with a purpose by a creative God. Immediately after God spoke, bright light came into existence. The whitish light conquered the cold forbidden darkness. Then God rested that day.

Chapter 2: The second millennium day

In the beginning, the quiet chaotic universe was infinitely dense and unimaginably barren. God had previously formed the matter in the expanse as well as space and time itself. During this particular era, time did not exist until God called it into existence with the pronouncement of His demand, ‘Let there be.’ and the intended result ‘… and it was so.’ Nor was time and existence measured by the means we have become accustom to in this present era. It was measure in God-time for God was the only significant being in existence. The Holy Scripture states that one day with God is like a thousand years and a thousand years is one day.

On the second millennium day of the infant existence of the divinely devised expanse, God made the sky to be a beautifully crafted masterpiece. The human race has continually speculated about the origin of the universe and no doubt before the invention of the telescope, we could only glimpse at a minute portion of the masterpieces God placed in the sky.

Our majestic and powerful Creator of our solar system, as well as the entire universe, placed His showpiece up high for all to see. He positioned the unpolished lifeless earth beneath it. The earth would soon become a heavenly biosphere created to house the rest of his masterpieces. When he was done, God rested that day.

Chapter 3: Across the newly formed childlike biosphere

However, one invariable ideology prophesies that the Big Bang of our universe was part of a deliberately initiated chain reaction of events. These events or supernatural occurrences spawned the birth of a lifeless barren sphere in the mist of the quiet chaotic universe. According to this scenario, our presently lush, polluted biosphere was a simple starting point of a huge, infinitely growing divine purpose.

Therefore, on the third day, God took hold of the unpolluted but desolate dry land and dynamically brought it out of the clear, blue water. Again, God uses the ability, strength and power of His mighty Word to eminently transform the barren biosphere into a livable environment. What God had in mind would be something no other god could ever recreate. He christened the dry land earth and the clear blue water He denominated as the sea.

As God lovely commanded the earth, the now fertile dark brown soil brought forth a kaleidoscope of fresh fragrant flowers. Automatically, lush healthy green grass and abundant fruit trees grew on the blue grass covered hills. As the invisible breeze rush swiftly and silently across the newly formed childlike biosphere, God looked at all that was done. He was pleased. Then God rested that day.

Chapter 4: God’s righteous spirit moved over the biosphere designated planet earth.

Our scientific achievements misrepresent the way space, time, and matter behaved in the formation of and the measurement of the age of our biosphere. Early the next millennium morning, God’s righteous spirit moved across the face of the productively succulent maturing earth.

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