Summary: How one's lifestyle affects his blessings. The contrast between the believer and the unbeliever

TITLE: God's Blueprint for Blessing

TEXT: Psalm 1:1-6

INTRO: The first Psalm has been called the Psalm of Psalms because it summarizes all of them and focuses on the differences between the Righteous and the Wicked, or, as Adrian Rogers said, "the Saints and the Ain'ts."

The first Psalm give us, "God's Blueprint for Blessing."

Sometimes blessing is translated as "happy", but it's more than that; a blessing is, an inner satisfaction that does not depend on outward circumstances for happiness.


A. Walks Not in the Counsel of the Ungodly (v.1a)

1. The world is full of people giving advice

On the TV, in newspaper columns, friends & family

2. So who should we listen to?

# A Tombstone bore this inscription:

"Pause my friend, as you walk by

As you are now, so once was I

As I am now so you will be

Prepare my friend, to follow me."

At the bottom, someone scribbled:

"To follow you is not my intent

Until I know which way you went!"

3. Our Counsel Should Come from God

(Psa 73:24a) "Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel..."

B. Nor Stands in the Way of Sinners (v.1b)

1. The lifestyles of the ungodly are destroying our culture,

and influencing our families

2. Be careful what kind of friends you choose

# Hymn: Yield Not to Temptation

"Shun evil companions, bad language disdain,

God’s Name hold in reverence, nor take it in vain;

C. Nor Sits in the Seat of the Scornful (v.1c)

1. The scorner mocks faith and scoffs at Christians

2. Tries to build himself up by making fun of others

3. The world has no respect for Christians

4. We are no longer a major influence on our culture!


A. He Delights in God's Word

1. It gives us strength to face the storms of life

2. It comforts us in sorrow

3. An old saying:

The Bible will keep you from sin,

or sin will keep you from the Bible.

B. He Grows Like a Tree (v3)

1. This tree is planted - it is unmovable

2. It has a dependable source of nourishment

3. It grows in strength and its ability to bear fruit

4. It doesn't wither with age

(Psa 92:14 HCSB) They will still bear fruit in old age, healthy and green


A. The ungodly are blown around like straw in the wind

B. They will be condemned by God

C. They will perish

CONCL: Sow a thought, and you reap an act;

Sow an act, and you reap a habit;

Sow a habit, and you reap a character;

Sow a character, and you reap a destiny.


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