Summary: What every Christian should wear to church...or any other time in their sacred approach to God through worship, prayer, bible study and their devotions.

I. DEAR ABBY LETTERS – How To Dress In Church

Dear Abby: May I respond to your reply regarding attire in church? As a priest and pastor, I’m appalled at how some people come dressed for Sunday worship. You said that “Dress codes have been greatly relaxed in recent decades,” which I find to be inaccurate. What has become relaxed is the attitude, the respect and reverence people have for worship and church buildings. From brides walking down the aisle chewing gum to funeral pallbearers wearing tennis shoes, to members wearing flip-flops, shorts and tank tops on Sunday, the lack of respect and reverence to worship is disgusting.

Dear Abby: More important than what people are wearing is the reason for being in church in the first place. Maybe it would be better if we could all enter God’s house blind. If we can’t see what people are wearing, we can leave our judgments and prejudices outside and use the time to learn more about God’s purpose for our lives.

Dear Abby: My pastor says no one would consider dressing casually if they were going to be in the presence of our president or any other dignitary. Why would we consider anything less for our Lord? Makes perfect sense to me.

Dear Abby: Church is where you go to give praise to the Lord, not checkout what others are wearing.

Dear Abby: Satan wants to embarrass the church, so he sends people dressed any kind of disrespectful way. They’d be sent home from their jobs if they dressed like that. Women: Cover up! You are worth more than your skin.

Dear Abby: Isn’t it funny that the ‘devil is sending people to your church to embarrass the church’ (because of the clothes they are wearing)? Never mind the fact that there’s an actual soul who needs Jesus underneath those scantily clad bodies. Actually, it’d be nice if we could keep all kinds of riff-raff out of the church… you know, all the adulterers, fornicators, liars, cheats and gossips out of the church as well to save the church embarrassment. Unfortunately, many of the people who are upset about how people dress in church would be gone if we did that.


A. Object Lesson / Illustration (From Waist Up, Undress Top Two Layers Of Clothing To Reveal A White T-Shirt With An Iron-On Transfer Image Of The High Priest’s Breastplate)

1. Some like to dress up - wear a three-piece suit – that’s okay

a. “oh, they’re only wearing that to impress other people – show off”

b. careful, caution, you don’t know what’s in their heart

2. Some like to dress casual – polo shirt, t-shirt, cakeys, blue jeans

a. “oh, they don’t respect God, the church”

b. careful, caution, you don’t know what’s in their heart

3. Whatever you wear, be sure that behind it all you’re wearing this (Reveal T-shirt with iron-on High Priest breastplate)

a. Tuxedo or T-Shirt…

b. Prom Dress or Polo Shirt…

c. Dress Shoes or Tennis Shoes…

… whatever you do, be sure you’ve got this on!

B. Breastplate = Most Important/Critical Thing Worn In OT by that One Appointed To Approach God – This High Priest

1. We can learn from it how we are to dress when we come before God

2. Each one of us are invited to approach God – priesthood of believers

3. To enter into His presence - through prayer, worship, devotions

C. Whatever You Wear, Wear This!


A. Breastplate Represented Every Part Of The Hebrew Nation Before God

1. Twelve Different Stones – 12 Tribes - different shades, different colors, different densities - all brought before God

2. God invites you to bring your entire life before Him

a. different parts of our lives – family, our work, our finances, our goals, dreams, strengths, weaknesses, ideas, thinking

b. different shades & colors, densities & values

c. good, bad, ugly – not just the glorious & beautiful

d. bring it all before Him

e. “come all ye weary & heavy laden, I’ll give you rest”

f. “his strength made perfect in our weaknesses” – how can He manifest his strength if we don’t bring our weaknesses

3. Bring it all before God. You can’t shock God. He cares!

a. sometimes your mind will drift in worship or prayer

b. instead of beating yourself up – recognize that if it’s important to you, it must be important to God – and yield that up to God as well.

B. Breastplate Was Worn Front & Center

1. Outside, not inside / Front side, not backside

2. Bring your whole self – but put it front and center

a. don’t try to hide things from God

b. “be sure, your sins will find you out”

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