Summary: God’s power can help our generation by making us complete and whole.

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Monday Night

"Every generation has a story to tell, of the rise and fall of people and the times they know so well. Won’t you Lord please help them that my generation sees there is hope for our tomorrow looking back at Calvary."

This generation know as the "X" Generation, also known as the "Buster generation", "Xers", "Thirteeners". the "Fix-it generation" or whatever label is added has its own story to tell. They are some really good things that have happened is this generation_s lifetime, such as the collapse and the destruction of the Berlin Wall. The fall of Communism. The introduction of the cellular phone and personal pager.

So some really good things have taken place and have been developed during this generation. But along with the good, we’ve seen our share of the bad. At the very front of this generation all the way back to 1961. The first babies of Generation X were being born. In this year the medical community came up with a neat little idea know as the pill. From now on people could be selective on when and how many kids they would like to bring into this world.

Another medical procedure that had and has an effect on the birth pattern of this generation begin to take a steady climb, this selective process is known as abortion. If it wasn’t for the pill and abortion, Generation X would be the largest generation in history. We were facing problems before we were even born.

A lot of things that used to be some of the more stable in society that gave us security and hope began to fall apart. In the political area, Kennedy was assassinated, Nixon got way over his head in Water Gate, and then there’s the president who didn’t inhale. These and other events over the years have caused us to loose trust in our political system, which should be the back bone of our society, has become more or less the funny bone. We have a hard time taking them seriously. And the national debt ticks away faster than the hundreds hand on a stop watch.

Technology has also become a let down. Yea, there’s a lot of cool toys to play with, but people thought technology would be the answer to a lot of our problems. Technology went bust when the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up on national TV In front of the eyes of the nation, technology lost its attractiveness to be the answer for our hurting world.

The Medical field has also suffered a major blow when it came face to face with AIDS. A disease that at this time cannot be cure by medicine or any other medical procedure.

And our homes and home life haven’t proved to be the place of safety that we thought they would be. Close to half of our generation has gone through a divorce. Families torn apart for so many different reasons. We’ve suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and the abuse of being neglected. The abuse of not being loved. Even close friends have betrayed us, date rape, or stealing from us to buy drugs.

One description of this generation that describes us pretty well is being the "Wounded Generation".

If you set up a chart and wrote on one side the good things that have happened in this generation, and on the other side wrote down the bad things that have happened to us, I think the list on the bad side would out weigh the good. When we look at the world in this manner it causes us to have a feeling of hopelessness. It seems that the bad keeps on getting worse, and it causes us to loose hope. Like the future holds no hope for us. It?s a lost cause. The political system is questionable, technology isn?t going to solve all our problems, and the medical community even though it?s making great strides still has its limitations. The family has taken a beating, and so have we. All of this contributes to this sense of hopelessness, that there might not be a future for us.

Along with this hopelessness comes another feeling that?s probably worse and that?s aloneness. This isn?t just the condition of being by yourself, being alone on a weekend with nothing to do, but aloneness is like standing in a crowd of people and still feeling by yourself, unconnected with anyone.

Aloneness is the result of being dumped on, let down by, abandoned, for some of us by our families, or close friends, and by society as a whole. It?s the feeling that the only one that you count on is yourself. You can?t depend on your friends, your family, on society. There?s no one, just yourself, and that creates this state of aloneness.

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