Summary: The gospel is God’s power to save men. We have the most powerful weapon against sin and its power. We have to spread the gospel for others to experience God’s power by believing in it.


Oppositions to the Gospel may hinder our obedience or service. We may think that we cannot go on because the opposition is too much for us to handle. It will make us suffer more. But let these words from God strengthen us.

I. THE GOSPEL IS POWERFUL, 8-9(Cf. Romans 1:16-17)

A. It is the Testimony of the LORD, 8a

B. It is the Power of God to Save, 8b-9


A. It can defeat even death (Spiritual death)

B. It can give life (Eternal life)

C. It can immortalize light—“immortality” means incorruptible—hindi masisirang kaliwanagan ng buhay at hindi masasayang na pagsunod-(“walking in the light” of 1 John)—“labor not in vain”—“treasures in heaven”


A. It is the proof of your calling, 11

--“US Navy Call Card” In 1986, i had a chance to become a member of the US Navy if i passed the exam. Obviously I did not that is why i am here before you. But you know, i was only allowed to enter the Subic Naval Base because of the "US Navy Call Card" that was sent to me. It was my assurance that i will enter the base to get the exam. The same with the Gospel, receiving this power in our heart, making Jesus our Lord and Savior is the only proof that we have that we are called by God.

--without the Gospel, no one can become a child of God, no one can be called to heaven

B. It is the proof of your faith, 12

C. It is the proof of your salvation, 12

--Story of a hunter caught by the African tribal men who has been saved from being cannibalized.

“Not for this book you have been our supper already.”


Hindrances, hardships, oppositions, and sufferings because of the Gospel are normal. As normal as they are, these are not capable of bringing down the power and the message of the Gospel. The gospel will be preached until the end—nothing can shut if off. If preached, it will always bring forth many souls because it will never return void. Don’t give up! Go on sharing and serving. LIVE FOR JESUS!

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