Summary: Our country needs to turn around and get back to God again!

God’s Prescription for the USA

September 11th – I remember where I was when the news came

Leaders sang “God bless America”, everyone in church, a big turn toward God for America

A month later it was all worn off

People wanted to claim God’s promises

Has God turned His back on us? Have we gone too far? Are we our of God’s reach?

“If” is keyword in 2 Chronicles 7:14


God gives promises but there is an “if” attached

We claim His promises but we forget about our responsibilities in the situation

It’s always harder to examine yourself and fix those problems than it is to look at God and expect Him to fix us with those problems still intact.

My people-


Today- His people are Christians

Same God

Humble themselves and pray-

What attitude do you have when you pray?

Pride, selfishness,

Pray for country and leaders

In every congressional meeting, congress used to pray so that God would lead them in their decision making

Pray for our country to…

Turn from wickedness-

Christians must get themselves straight first

Don’t worry about everyone else first


We can’t expect non-Christians to turn from wickedness if they don’t have Christ

I hear Christians talking about others’ sins

God’s promise-

He will forgive our sins and He will heal our land:

We need these equally bad right now

So much sin in this country

So much pain in this country

People are quick to claim the promises of God, but slow to accept the responsibilities of His commands.

We want the rewards but we don’t want to fight the fight

God’s promises those who join His fight forgiveness of sins and eternal life

If you have not come to know Jesus as your Savior, maybe you need to do so today

The rewards for joining the fight are worth it

Won’t you join Jesus today!

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