Summary: I felt how privileged are we to just go near Him covering our face and demanding Him to remove the hands and play with us! He would.

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Psalm 71:3”Be my strong refuge, To which I may resort continually; You have given the commandment to save me, For You are my rock and my fortress.”

6 to 1 fasting starts today!

As I rush inside the school, with one million ‘to do’ things running in my mind; I find four year old Deepika playing a trick on me. Just to catch my attention, she would hide her little, cute face with her fragile fingers and wait until I go near, remove her fingers and say ‘boo’. What follows would be mayhem! She would burst out laughing, stirring others to join the ‘giggle gang’ and the kids would be jumping all over me. Deepika waits at the door everyday to play ‘hide and seek’ game with me! This morning, depleted and exhausted I entered the school in the morning, because I had to finish part of the work in the morning back at home, there I found Deepika waiting at the door with her hands covering her face! Now, what do I do? I tried not to notice, but I know she is a defiant kid and she would wait! I just could not move further, she tugged my heart hard with her love! I walked up to her and removed her hands from her face; that’s all………the place erupted with noise, fun and laughter. One million Apple 5S gold iPhones cannot give you this joy! Try it out!

The Lord is looking for such ‘seekers’ and ‘thirsters’! It is 9 pm Monday night as I type this devotion filled with adoration and passion for God! , I just cannot rest until I shoot out this message to you guys! Is there anyone there who would say, ‘I will not rest Lord, until you come and touch my hands?’ Tell me. We wait continually for a phone call, for a response, for an email, for a smile; when would we hang on for Him? I know and I know, He is looking for someone who would wait upon Him, like little Deepika with determination, adoration and anticipation for His touch! Friend, as I write this devotion, I am fighting discouragements, problems on several fronts; yet, I sit here longing not for ‘solutions’ but for His ‘vision!’ I know, with each problem I am getting stronger; the devil can never break my spirit. Amen.

The above scripture captivated me! The words of David just oozes with love for God; he says, ‘I will come to you continually!’ People take a train, catch a flight, climb mountains to visit their gods and hardly can they enjoy the vision (darshan), since they are pushed forward to move on. Yes, many move on, without an actual knowledge and intimacy with God! I felt how privileged are we to just go near Him covering our face and demanding Him to remove the hands and play with us! He would. If little Deepika has the guts to do this everyday and continuously with me while there are many kids around who don’t do that; likewise many would just want ‘gifts and benefits’ from God and not His ‘intimate touch!’

The exact word that moved me in the above scripture is ‘continually!’ Without giving up! Are you hearing me? In this chapter, David uses this word too often:

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