Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Under the mask of confusion, and lies, God see’s direct to the intentions of the heart. You can’t hide from God.

1Kings 14:1-6

Before we get to the text, lets take a look back a couple of chapters. During a very rebelious stage in the lives of the children of Israel in 1 Kings 12: 19, 20 we find the 10 tribes rebeling against the House of David, because of the lack of wisdom on the part of Rehoboam. Rehoboam failed to listen to the counsel of the elders that served his father, Solomon. So they gather themselves togather, and bring Jeroboam into the congregation and make him king of all Israel, the only tribe that followed the house of David was the tribe of Judah. So with Jeroboam as king, the tribes fall into Worshiping Idols, and false doctrines.

Now this brings us to the text. Here we find the son of Jeroboam very ill, his name is Abijah. All the time Jeroboam is misleading the tribes of Israel in the wrong direction, and doctrine, he knows the true direction to go, he knows who the true God is, he knows who can heal his son, The one and only true God of Israel. So Jeroboam afraid that someone might see him, tell’s his own wife to disguise herself, and take some bread and honey and go to the prophet Ahijah in hopes that his son may be healed.

What Jeroboam did not know is that although Ahijah the Prophet was blind, God already spoke to Ahijah and told him Jeroboam’s wife was coming, and had disguised herself to be another person, not only that, but had some bad news for Jeroboam.

As Jeroboam’s wife went to Shilo and entered into the room were Ahijah was, he heard her footsteps and said to her, why are you prentending to be someone you are not? God knew who was behind the disguise, Ahijah didn’t need his sight, All he needed was God.

Who are you? Really, who are you? You can fool the pastor, the sunday school teachers, couselors, and the people you work around, but your disguise that covers the sins that no one knows about is seen by the one that really matters, God. He knows you better than you know yourself. The hairs on you head are numbered. The things that we do to try to impress people really doesn’t matter, the one that we need to impress is God, we need to be real for Him.

We somehow develope the knowledge to hide the things we know are wrong, and try to make them look better, take for instance, I know I’m not the only one that threw all my dirty clothes and toys under my bed when mom told me to clean my room, maybe you used the closet? I believe once I even went so far as to pile everything in the corner and cover it up with a real pretty cover. Well although it looked like a pretty pile, the dirty laundry was still under the blanket. So go ahead, dress up in your fancy clothes, put that fake smile on, and get along with your wife / or husband in front of everyone, but remember, God knows every sin, he knows all the troubles in the home, he see’s your pain, and although you may not feel Him, He is there to wipe away all the tears. So why not just be real with God, and clean the closet, and pull all the junk out from underneath the bed. He is after all the only one that really matters when it comes to cleansing ourselves within.

In Genesis 27 we find Isaac old in age and becoming blind, so he calls in his eldest son Esau, and tells him to go hunt some wild game and bring it to him, and they will eat and then Isaac would bless him with the inheritance. Well here is Rebekah around the corner over hearing the words of Isaac, so she calls in her favorite son Jacob, and tells him what Isaac told Esau. So Rebekah has this great plan to make sure Jacob gets the blessing in stead of esau. Remember Esau is a man of the field, and might I add very hairy, but Jacob is a fair man, so Jacob mentions this to his mother, and here is the plot. Rebekah cooks this young goat, and lays the skin of the goat on Jacobs arms. So while Esau is still in the fields hunting, in comes Jacob to Isaac, and says bless me now father. Isaac says to Jacob, you sound like Jacob, come closer so I can touch you, as Isaac reaches out he feels the goats skin and says you have the voice of Jacob, but the hair like Esau. To make a long story short, Jacob stole the blessing of Esau by disguising himself to be someone he wasn’t.

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