Summary: This sermon discusses the 3 methods of communication God has and still uses to communicate with his people.

The key to any successful relationship is communication. This is true in the case of a marriage, a parent-child, brother-sister, or any other type of relationship. It is also very true of our relationship with God. We need to ensure that our lines of communication are open when it comes to our relationship with our Lord and Savior. Knowing this to be so, God has always kept an open channel of communication with us, his children. Let’s take a look at this.

When the idea of communication and God is brought up, the first idea that pops into the minds of most Christians is prayer. Yes, this is a relevant and necessary form of communication. We must and should pray to God everyday.

However, this is only one side of the equation. Effective communication is a 2-way process. Prayers are sent up to God, and God sends our answers down to us. Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize or even know how God speaks to us. This inability to hear God can cause us to miss out on the answers to our questions and the blessings that come along with the answers.

How does He answer or talk to us? This is a question that is often asked. The answer is present in the Holy Bible. I like to use the following example to explain God’s communication clearly.

Think of the Bible as being divided into three sections. One is for the Father. One is for the Son. One is For the Holy Ghost. Then think of God’s communication with us in the same terms.

Since the beginning of creation, God, the Father, has always been there for us. He guides us each and every day. When God created Adam, they communicated directly. He walked and talked with Adam in the Garden of Eden. When they introduced sin into the world, God communicated his displeasure in them to them directly. God also communicated directly to Abraham and Moses. He told them what He wanted them to do and supported them with numerous miracles. The road was long and hard, but He was always there. Thus, as you can see, this was direct communication from God. Numerous other examples can be found.

God gave his only begotten son. This is the second stage of God’s communication with us. Jesus is the Living Word of God. When Jesus was baptized, a voice came from heaven that said, "This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased." The mantle of communication was passed on to Jesus. He spoke to us the words that God wanted us to hear. God sent his son Jesus to deliver us from the burden of our sins and guide us to His kingdom. As the scriptures say, no man can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven except by Jesus. While Jesus was here on Earth, God spoke to us through Him! They are one!

Now we are in the third phase of God’s communication with us. When Jesus died for our sins, he anointed his disciples with the Holy Ghost or Spirit. He promised us that he would be with us always, even unto the end of time.

Our Lord is an awesome Lord!

Now he talks to us everyday through the Holy Spirit. It is a still small voice that directs our paths everyday. If we have wronged someone, it tells us to apologize. It guides us each and everyday. So many times in my life, I have ignored that small, still voice inside of me. Each and every time I have done that, the problem has always been magnified. Now that I have learned to listen, no problem seems invincible. I know that my Lord is looking after me and guiding me. If we pray to the Lord about a problem, the Holy Spirit will be the means that delivers the solution to our problem.

The communication lines are open. We just have to listen.

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