Summary: I believe many today are experiencing the anxiety, the pain, and the excessive burden of a bad decision. You feel like your locked in an invisible prison…recriminating about the mistakes you made.

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Elder M. Edmunds

Co-Pastor of United Ordained Church

June 2002

My foundational scripture will come from verse eight, which says, “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”

This is a companion of Psalm 51:8, which reads, “Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee.”

This terminology inked by David in this penitential psalm and verse, which I will elucidate and build from, applies to biblical or spiritual wisdom imparted to him after he suffered from a bad decision concerning Bathsheba and her husband Uriah.

For when he recognized fully how horrendous his decision affected his life and those connected to him, he took full responsibility for his actions and begged for divine forgiveness, moral cleanness, renewed relational service with God, and national restoration.

For deep within the recesses of David’s heart, he knew that if God, whose holiness and justice is motivated or guided by His love and mercy, would afford him another opportunity by raising him out of the ashes of his behavior, he would than teach and instruct those who continually capitulate their will to damnable things that effect their future.

I believe many today are experiencing the anxiety, the pain, and the excessive burden of a bad decision. You feel like your locked in an invisible prison…recriminating about the mistakes you made.

Within the corridors of your mind, you’re wondering how you got stuck in the mess your in. You did not expect the result of your decision to unfold this way; and now secretly you are plotting how you can extricate yourself from your situation.

However, with no avail the misery and the guilt of your actions want release you. You remain stuck in a clandestine pit of pain and agony.

You come to church every time the doors open, trying to sing yourself out of your pit of a bad decision; trying to praise God out of your pit of a bad decision. Trying to dance and shout out of your pit of a bad decision.

Yet, you remain smack dead in your situation. What is the problem you wondering; God do you care, for I am trying to serve you? Why will you not remove this thing? Or, why wont you change this situation around?

The situation can be your employment, your marriage, your children, or your finances. Were ever the disappointment rest or the difficulty exist, your asking God to turn it around, but for some reason its getting worse and not better.

Why won’t He intervene you wonder. You’re on the verge of throwing in the towel. You are on the verge of quitting that job, severing that relationship, abandoning those children, or declaring bankruptcy. Why won’t you deliver me from this situation; for I read in Isaiah the fifty ninth chapter that “Your hand is not shorten, that it cannot save, neither Your ear heavy, that it cannot hear.” So why are You allowing me to experience this ongoing pain of my predicament?

Well I come, by the unction of the Holy Spirit, to make clear to you, who are suffering from a bad decision, how to get over it as David did and to get on with you’re life: and to move to the next level in God.

For the pain and the regret of your mistakes is design by God to lead you towards repentance. For God still has purpose for your life even in your mess.

You are broken. You are perplexed. You are hard pressed on every side due to your own decisions. Yet, God still has purpose for your life.

If you really think about it and be honest with your self, some of your bad decisions should have been the death of you. However, God’s love withheld the hand of His justice and afforded you an opportunity to amend your ways because He still has purpose for you.

Therefore, you must first be transformed by the renewing of your mind to be used of God effectively and walk in the newness of life to teach and instruct others in the way of Godliness.

The Greek word, from which the English word “metamorphosis” or transformation comes, connotes change of condition. Before your outward condition can change, God will manipulate your situation to cause you to bend your knee and reexamine your inward condition in light of His revealed Word. Then, help you to make those corrections within your thinking (were decisions are made and habits are formed), so that you can outwardly manifest your inner change and stop making bad decisions that affect your growth, affect your life, and affect those around you.

Let me simply put it this way, “your outward situation is just an indication of your inner condition.”

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