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Summary: Three Things That God Wants More Of, From Every Believer

I. God Wants More Of Your Attention, 2-4

A. This Means That You Have To Stop What Your Doing


B. This Means That You Have To Change Your Direction

i. Ps. 119:133 ‘Order my steps in thy word..’


C. This Means That You Have To Answer When You’re Called

i. When God is ready to do something thru a person, He ALWAYS calls them by name.

1. Moses, Moses

2. David, David

3. Lazarus, come forth

ii. To answer God’s call, you must..

1. Know Your Name

2. Know His Voice

II. God Wants More Of Your Respect, 5-6

A. In How You Approach Him, ‘put off thy shoes’

i. Moses could have said, “But, I’m outside, I’m suppose to be wearing shoes.”

ii. Moses could have said, “But, If I take my shoes off, my feet will get dirty”

iii. It wasn’t just about the shoes… it was about recognizing that he was in the presence of God

1. Eccl. 5:1


B. In How You Fear Him, 6

III. God Wants More Of Your Heart, 7-10

A. First, He’ll Tell You…The Rest Of The Story, 7-8

i. What we know, apart from God, is not all that needs to be know

1. Regardless of what the Politicians say

2. Regardless of what the Economist say

3. Regardless of what the Physicians say

4. Regardless of what the Counselors say

5. Regardless of what the Preachers say

ii. The mind and heart of God is the ONLY place you can find the rest of the story!

1. Verse 7a: I have surely seen…

2. Verse 7b: I have heard their cry

3. Verse 7c: I know their sorrows

4. Verse 8: I am come down to deliver them

5. Verse 8: I am come down to bring them unto a good land

B. Then, He’ll Ask You To See…The Rest Of The Story, 9 (Don’t miss 2 words)

i. Therefore…

1. When you see the word ‘therefore’ you need to see what’s it’s there for.

2. God spoke His heart into the ears of Moses, so that Moses could see…the rest of the story

ii. Behold…

1. “Behold” is a visual word. God SPOKE words that He wanted Moses to SEE

2. Today, many Christians are seek signs, wonders and miracles.

3. Mt. 12:38-39 (Evil Generation Seeks Signs)

4. II Thes. 2:9-11 (False Signs)

5. II Thes. 2:3 (Don’t Choose To Be deceived)

6. God wants His people to walk by faith, not by sight.

a. He wants us to receive His spoken and written Words and then to SEE those things which are not, as if they were!

C. Finally, He’ll Instruct You To Make A Change To…The Rest Of The Story, 10

i. First, You have to respond to His invitation, ‘come’

1. Sometimes His invitations are from His Lips/Word To Your Heart

2. Sometimes His invitations are from His People To Your Heart

ii. Next, you have to respond when He speaks to you, ‘now’

1. If the Lord speaks to you today, He wants you to respond today!

2. If the Lord convicts you today, He wants you to repent today!

3. If the Lord leads you today, He wants you to follow Him today!

iii. Finally, you have to know that the change He wants to make is bigger than anything you could do by yourself, ‘that thou mayest bring….’

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