Summary: God is not trying to keep things from us rather He wants to reveal Himself and His ways to us.


Can you imagine what it was to be one of the disciples and be around Jesus in the flesh? They got to see so many incredible things. Every day was an adventure. You know it’s the same for us. I am amazed at how exciting it is to be a Christian. But even for them they probably had days that seemed like just work. There were times when they got tired and had to do things they didn’t want to do. I’m sure they went places they didn’t want to go. This day may have been one on those routine days, sounds like they had been traveling. And then Jesus brings forth one of the most incredible and important teachings, seemingly out of now where. He starts it with what seems like a normal question: “Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?” But Jesus’ goal was not to see if the people knew about Him it was to set correct doctrine and spiritual principles in the hearts of His disciples and to show them what His plans were for them. Here in this passage Jesus tells them who He is, the foundational doctrine of the Church, and reveals the power we have in His name. Knowledge is the key to everything. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” At one time it was thought by most that people could never fly. Now we can get in an air plane and go across the world. Men have walked on the moon. How? Someone had a dream and began working out the principals that let it happen. It is the same with electronics, sound, music and everything else. To everything there are principals that God has set in order that when we know them following them causes us to be successful in that area. Here God has shows us some spiritual principals that He has set in order so that as we understand them and put them into practice, will cause us to succeed in our relationship with God.

1. God wants to reveal Himself and His truths to us. We need to understand that God wants to reveal spiritual truths to us. It was God that revealed who Jesus was to Peter. God wants us to know Him. Some have said, “Oh we can’t know what God knows.” But the truth is that God loves us and wants us to know Him and His ways. PRO.2:6&7. From His mouth come knowledge and understanding. He stores up sound wisdom for the upright. God wants to share Himself with us. He loves for us to ask Him for His advice. All of us in here who have children, especially adult children, know that they usually don’t want our advice. We could save them a lot of trouble, but they just won’t ask. God is looking for someone that will listen to His wisdom. God is no respecter of persons. 1COR.2:6-16. If you are a Christian this morning, the Lord has already equipped us to be able to receive the revelation that He wants us to have. I like that this says that the Holy Spirit searches the deep things of God. God wants to reveal the things that we need for this life and the one to come. “That we might know the things feely given to us by God.” The more wisdom we have from God the better lives we can live. Verse 13. 2TIM.3:15-17. I love that God has kept and brought the Bible down to us. It truly is a miracle. It is the Holy Spirit that helps us to understand the Bible and how it applies to our lives.

Ill: A young woman who was soundly converted immediately began to read her Bible. One, who disbelieved the Scriptures and took delight in ridiculing them, asked her, “Why do you spend so much time reading a book like that?” “Because it’s the Word of God,” replied the girl. “Nonsense! Who told you that?” scornfully asked the unbeliever. After a moment’s silence the girl asked. Who told you there’s a sun in the sky?” “Nobody,” replied the scoffer, “I don’t need anybody to tell me. The sun tells me.” “Yes,” said the girl in triumph, “and that’s the way God tells me about His Word. I feel His warmth and sense His presence as I read His wonderful word!” We have many proofs that God’s Word is God’s Word but what I want to talk about is that when we read the Word the precious Holy Spirit talks to us and shows us what God wants us to know. I know that many of you have experienced God’s leading as you read His Word. It is through His Word that He reveals His nature and character to us. JOHN 16:12. God sent His Holy Spirit so we could know about Him. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would reveal all truth to us.

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