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Summary: This simple message shows the way the Trinity is at work to bring about your salvation.

GOD WANTS YOU TO BE SAVED! Ephesians 1:1-14

Introduction: It is within the wonderful plan of God that all men be saved. Sadly, this is not the case, yet it certainly is not God’s fault. The entire Trinity is at work to keep precious souls out of hell...

Please consider how this takes place, while considering these thoughts:

I. A Divine Nature Planned by His Sovereignty. (vs. 1-6)

A. The way His plan blesses us. (vs. 1-3)

1. According to the plan’s great source. (vs. 1-3a)

2. According to the plan’s great scope. (vs. 3b)

3. According to the plan’s great strength. (vs. 3c)

B. The way His plan benefits us. (vs. 4-6)

1. The benefits are according to His purpose. (vs. 4)

2. The benefits are according to His predestinating. (vs. 5a)

3. The benefits are according to His pleasure. (vs. 5b-6)

II. A Divine Nature Purchased by His Son. (vs. 7-12)

A. The great price of the purchase was remitted.(vs. 7-8)

1. To make our redemption gift possible. (vs. 7)

2. To manifest His rich grace perpetually. (vs. 8)

B. The great purpose of the purchase was revealed.(vs. 9-12)

1. To reveal the great mystery of God. (vs. 9-10)

2. To reveal the great mercy of God. (vs. 11-12)

III. A Divine Nature Protected by His Spirit. (vs. 13-14)

A. The Holy Spirit provides protection. (vs. 13a)

1. Protection to the Believer. (vs. lJa)

2. Protection for the Believer. (vs. 13a)

B. The Holy Spirit promises protection. (vs. 13b-14)

1. Guaranteed with a seal. (vs. 13b)

2. Guaranteed makes us sure. (vs. 14)

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