Summary: This text will show the believer the uniqueness of Divine ways.

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Introduction: God’s ways are not our ways. His dealings with mankind are a cause for wonder. In today’s text, we find God using a storm to bring His disciples to a greater level. Those who expect to grow should expect storms and difficulties. There is a saying that " no one can climb a smooth mountain."

1. Obedience Will Not Stop the Storms From Coming. Matt. 14:22

A. Jesus sent the disciples into a storm.

B. Jesus sent the storm to the disciples.

C. Jesus sent the storm after they had sailed for a while.

2. Jesus Sees Us in the Storm. Mark 6:48

A. He saw them from a mountain.

B. He saw them from a great distance.

C. He watch them struggle for a while.

3. Jesus Will Show Up When the Storm is at Its Worst. Mark 6:48

A. He came when the wind was boisterous.

B. He came when the disciple had exhausted their resources.

C. He came when the disciples were at an extremity.

4. We Must Weather the Storm Until Jesus Comes.

A. We must keep sailing.

B. We must keep dipping the water Out.

C. We must keep moving the weight around.

5. Jesus Will Get Your Boat Ashore in a Hurry. Jhn. 6:21

A. God can bring us quicker than human means.

B. God can move us without The use of time.

C. In an instance God will move us from difficulty to destiny.

6. Our Cry Will Cause God to Extend His Hands. Matt. 14:30

A. Peter began to sink.

B. Peter allowed his situation to supress his faith.

C. Jesus saved him with a hand.

7. The Storm Will Cease When Jesus Enters Our Situation.

A. God will bring us to a greater level of peace.

B. God will bring us to a greater unterstanding of Divine dealings.

C. God will bring us to a greater level of faith.

Conclusion: The believer must not allow storms to fill life’s boat with fear. We must be discerning enough to know that God can and will use storms to bring us to a higher level. The sun burns, the rain wets but only the winds moves stuff. Beloved let us remember that the winds moves us but Jesus moves the wind.

May God Bless You

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.,

Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church

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