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Summary: "The Pathway To Fruitfulness," sermon series reveals several keys that will help you maintain a fruitful walk with the Lord

Part 2: God Your Best Friend

B. Trust God With All Your Heart(vv. 5-6)

i. We should trust God with our…

1. Health

2. Wealth

3. Future

ii. We should try God...

1. He is our strength

- Isaiah 26:4 (quickview) 

- Psalm 27:1 (quickview) 

- Psalm 24:1 (quickview) 

2. He is our fortress

- Psalm 91:2 (quickview) 

- Nahum 1:7 (quickview) 

3. He is someone you can always trust

4. He is someone who is always there

- Hebrews 13:5 (quickview) 

iv. What we learn from verses 5-6…

1. Commit our way to God

2. Lean on God, not our own understanding

3. Consult God before we make decisions

4. Then God will make us a clear path to

follow and that path will always lead to


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