Summary: God has chosen all of us, none is left out from the election of God for the eternal life. This sermon gives that assurance.

Theme: The Election of God

Text: 2 Pet. 1:10

The blessings of the Elected

1. You will be blessed:

Nu: 17:5 “The staff of the man whom I choose shall sprout; thus I will put a stop to the complaints of the Israelites that they continually make against you”.

Sons of Korah were children of Levi as that of Aaron. But God has elected Aaron for priestly ministry but not the sons of Korah. But Moses was targeted, complaint, accused and humiliated.

God will bless your life, your business, your studies, your efforts. Nobody can take away your blessings, nobody can stop it. You will inherit the due blessings (Ps. 105:43-45).

(Read) Isaiah 44:1-4 springs up your blessings because you are chosen, you have formed by God. God will pour out his blessings.

You will shine for Jesus.

Charlie Chaplin said three important statements 1. Nothing is Permanent in this World, not even our Troubles. 2. I like walking in the Rain, because nobody can see my tears. 3. the most wasted day in life is the day in which we have not laughed.

2. You will receive the Justice

Lk.18:7-8 “God grants justice to his chosen ones quickly”.

How often we are denied justice, how often we have to spend to prove our innocence. How often we are taken for granted. Justice delayed is justice denied.

In his due time he will deliver the justice to you like the Joseph (Gen.41:14 – “brought Joseph hurriedly from the dungeon”.

Are you struggling for your promotion, are you struggling to redeem your blessings, any obstacles you are facing now. People might have forgotten you but not God.

God says in Isaiah that you will not forgotten by me (Is.43). Do you feel that you are numbered among the wicked? You will be honored like Mordecai in your place of your work (Esther.6:1-3, 10).

So be patient like a farmer waiting for the harvest (Jas.5:7)

3. You will be a powerful witness:

Ac.9:15 -16. “Jesus said that I have chosen Paul. So he will be a witness to the Gentiles, kings and people of Israel”.

There were only three sets of people lived on those days. Gentiles and Jews and their kings, Jesus wanted to use him as honorable vessel to carry God’s gospel.

God chose Saul to be a mighty king who will subdue all the nations for God but he failed (1 Sam.15:10-12- God regrets for making him King).

Samson failed not able to prove his holiness (Jud.16:1).

I Cor.10:1-5 do you want to be defeated by ‘your ungodly fellowships or you want to be victorious’. All were baptized, saved, eat one food, drank one wine. But many were trouble makers, constantly denying the power of the Godliness. Don’t miss the grace.

Read: Col 3:12-17 talk about the attitude of the elected, characteristic of the elected community. ‘You are God’s chosen holy one…’

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