Summary: The Law imprisons and Grace sets us Free!

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The Five Questions: Paul Answers All Objections!

1) What advantage is there in being a Jew? Vs. 1


Frist of All they were entrusted with the word of God.

They were to share the word with the world!

2) Will our lack of faith nullify God’s Faithfulness? Vs. 4

“Not at all”: is used thirteen times in Paul’s writings and nine times in Romans.

In God’s word there are two kinds of promises; conditional and unconditional.

Psalms 89:30-37

God will never go against His word!

3) What shall we say about God’s Righteousness? Vs. 5

The Lie: When I sin I make God look good!

Vs. 4 “Let God be true, and every man a liar.” (NIV)

4) What shall we say about God’s Truthfulness? Vs. 7

Question: Can I be blamed for something that brings glory to God?

God does not need our evil to contrast His goodness!

Question: Can a parent forgive a child for doing something wrong and still let them reap the consequences?

Vs. 8 “Their condemnation is deserved.” (NIV)

5) What about Man’s Sinfulness? Vs. 10-18

The Quotations:

Psalm 14:1-3—Universal Sin!

Worthless—originally used for sour milk!

Psalm 5:9 – The Sinfulness of our Speech!

What you say is what is inside you!

Psalm 140:3—the Poison of our Lips!

Question: Can we kill with our words?

Isaiah 59:7-9—The Actions of the Sinful!

They do not know peace!

Psalm 36:1—The Why?

God never enters our thoughts!

The Conclusion: Vs. 19-20

The Whole World is Accountable to God!

And everyone is without Excuse!

The Law imprisons and Grace sets us Free!

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