Summary: The praise and exaltation that Jude shows us in his doxology ought to be what drives us every day to share Christ with others. His love is never-ending, which means His grace is always available in abundant form!

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God’s Grace in Jude

Grace Sermon Series, Part 8

Jude 24-25


- Turn to the book of Jude (right before Revelation)

- God’s grace produces tangible results in our lives

-- It gives us peace for the future and hope to stand firm during trials

-- God has given us His grace as proof of His love for His own

- When we see the results of grace we become strengthened

-- It’s why we can face an uncertain future without fear of the unknown

-- Sure, we may be uncertain in situations; but God is STILL God

-- He is where our hope comes from, and where our focus must be

- Remember: Grace is His benevolence to the undeserving (you and me)

- Let’s consider this morning God’s grace proclaimed in Jude’s doxology

- Read Jude 17-25 (focus is on 24-25) / Pray

∆ Point 1 – Let us Adore Him who can keep us from Falling

A. We need keeping from falling; we need to be preserved from having:

• Error of Doctrine; which is abundant in this age

o Lots or preachers trying new things fail to ask, “Is it scriptural?”

• Error of Spirit; do I desire the things of God more than the world?

o IMP: even the “best” can (will) fall when not focused on God

• APP: We should not think of ourselves higher than anyone else

B. None but the Lord can keep us from falling

IMP: We cannot keep ourselves without Him – literally, He keeps us!

• No place guarantees security; the church, the closet, the communion table

• These are all are invaded by temptation (sin in church still happens)

- There are no rules and regulations that will secure us from stumbling

-- APP: Even stereotyped habits can only conceal hidden sin (i.e., church rituals)

C. The Lord however, can keep us from falling – it’s only through Him!

• He is “able to keep”

• He is the “only God, our Savior”

• IMP: His wisdom is part of His ability; it’s where we can lean

D. He keeps us from falling in many ways, sometimes they are very obvious

1) Keeps us by warning us … how?

• By our noting the faults of others (learn from others)

• By inward promptings (that still small voice inside of you)

• By the reading/preaching of His Word (brings conviction; instruction)

2) Christ keeps us by wisdom which removes us from opportunities to sin

-- APP: It is God who is in charge; we must listen to the promptings He gives

3) Keeps us by a bitter sense of sin; it makes us dread being a part of sin

-- APP: Does sin make your stomach turn? Do you fear His wrath more …?

4) Keeps us by His Holy Spirit; He renews us as the Spirit calls us back to Him

-- APP: We must submit when He calls – this is the part MOST don’t like

APP: Our adoration for Him is what should keep our focus on His ways!

- TRANS: Not only does He keep us from falling, but He will present us to God

∆ Point 2 – Let us adore Him who will present us in His Courts as Faultless

A. None can stand in those courts that are sinful (rebellious, unrepentant, etc.)

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