Summary: What makes a godly leader?

We finish today our study of the Book of Joshua. I hope you have learned and been challenged much like I have from this godly story of Joshua and Israel. Led by godly Joseph God’s Chosen People Israel were brought to Egypt to be blessed and prosper (kind of like the Pilgrims in America). But because of their sins, God’s Chosen People became slaves in Egypt (kind of like us Americans today, right? – and people question how applicable God’s Word is for us today!).

Because of God’s love and promise, God took His people out of Egypt and brought them to Canaan, a land filled with milk and honey! Joshua, Eleazar the Priest, and the Elders led the people in that Promised Land. Open your Bibles to Joshua 24…. As we noted last week, the main instruction for the people of Israel as they lived freely in the Promised Land is stated in v23….

And again, as we noted last week, we Christians in America are to live in the same way, “to daily offer our hearts to Jesus Christ and follow Him!”

Let us finish the Book of Joshua. Read along with me Joshua 24:29-33 and note principles for us….

God notes for us 3 godly leaders: Joshua, Joseph, and Eleazar. What can we note about these leaders?

First of all, they were all personally chosen and called by God.

a. Godly leaders are called by God.

Turn back briefly with me to the Beginning of the Book of Joshua…. 1:1-3…

Joshua was called by and empowered by God..

Joseph was called by God by giving him prophetic dreams.

And here’s what God told Moses in Exodus 28:1 - “Have Aaron your brother brought to you from among the Israelites, along with his sons Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar, so they may serve me as priests.

b. Godly leaders positively respond to God’s calling.

Again, if we review the Books of Genesis, Exodus, and Joshua, we can read how Joseph, Joshua, And Eleazar humbly served God.

c. Godly leaders will impact others towards God. v31…

The Nation of Israel in the Old Testament could not have survived and prospered without the leadership of Joseph, Joshua, and Eleazar!

d. Godly leaders are to be honored and remembered!

And so at the end of this great Book of Joshua to be loved by all of Israel and all Christians, 3 men were noted. They were all buried in the land they loved and provided by God. the bones of Joseph carried and preserved for hundreds of years!

How do we apply Biblical Principles from this passage? Did we have godly leaders in the past? Do we need godly leaders today?

It is clear that godly leaders are needed in this world! What’s our part?

1. Pray and ask God to call godly leaders!

2. Support and encourage godly leaders responding positively to the Lord Jesus Christ!

3. Honor, remember, and learn from godly leaders of the past!

Who are godly leaders of the past and what should we note about them??

Read prayers from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson…..

Pray quietly for godly leaders in our churches and in our communities……….

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