Summary: Being motivated to serve the Lord with zeal usually involves 2 factors: A Picture of Who God is (what He is Like) and A Sense of God’s Purpose for Your Life.

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1. God’s way of doing things is not always the easiest or least


2. we need to be motivated, invigorated, roused...

3. It is a constant battle, but there is an old tried and true formula;

4. lots of people motivated to do just about anything...but in the Kingdom

of God, why we do what we do is as important as what we do...

5. Ezekiel 1-2 exemplifies a simple formula for motivation in serving the


6. Ezekiel, one of the least preached books/difficult/Calvin...LEAP 2000

7. Although written during difficult days, it held true then, and holds

true today.

8. Here is the situation: Judah in captivity to Babylon (conquered); some

Jews in Babylon (like Ezekiel), others still in Judah, soon to rebel and


anihilated....why? sins of the people....wrath of God...

9. So Ezekiel is being called by God to serve in rough, discouraging


MAIN IDEA: Being motivated to serve the Lord with zeal usually

involves 2 factors

I. A Picture of Who God is, What He is Like

(chapter 1)

1. Ezekiel sees four cherubim (1-21)

(1) What A Cherub is....see chapter 10:15 to prove these are called


(2) The four faces....Rabbis....Man exalted above all creatures, eagle

among birds, ox among domestic animals, lion among wild animals...

(3) gyroscope like wheels with eyes: God sees all, is orderly and clear


2. The Vision of God (22-29)

(1) an expanse (platform)--God separate from His creation...

(2) bright---light---holiness and purity (like a high temperature coal,


(3) rainbow--God is faithful to His promises (covenant w/Noah)

3. Ezekiel’s response: to fall facedown (worship)

4. Few if any of us have experienced such a dramatic time with God; but

the drama is not as important as the result: Have you ever fallen down

before God? Have you ever realized how great He is, how small you are,

how much you need Him and how little He needs you? Have you ever

taken the posture of a servant and said, "With your help, Lord, I’ll do

what you want me to do?" If not, how about surrendering your will


II. A Sense of God’s Purpose for Your Life

(chapter 2)

1. After we come to submit to God, He empowers us with His Spirit (2)

----if we have no surrendered ourselves to the Lord, the Spirit will not


us; when we sin, we grieve and quench the Spirit in our lives...need to

repent and confess of sins if we want to continue to experience the

Spirit’s filling and power...

2. God had a specific task for Ezekiel: (2:1-5)

(1) preach to Israel in exile....

(2) address what needs to be said even if they are stubborn

(3) success measured in your faithfulness, not results!

3. God has specific tasks for us as well...HOW CAN WE FIND THOSE

TASKS? Few, if any, of us would claim God spoke to us in audible


(1) spiritual gifts--lke teaching, showing mercy, hospitality, giving,


(2)the prayerful leading of the Holy Spirit....inner sense/conviction

(3) need---if someone is choking & you can do the Hemlich, it doesn’t

matter whether you have the gift of mercy or it!---A need

doesn’t always mean it call,but sometimes God stretches us; e.g.,

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