1. Godly Sorrow is a Means to an End, not an End in itself

a. Goal in causing sorrow must be remembered: Repentance leading to reconciliation

b. Godly sorrow is different than worldly sorrow

1) It is directed by God

2) It is the believer's insurance policy: the premium hurts, but the benefits pay off in the long run

3) It results in salvation (or reconciliation) (worldly sorrow results in death, separation)

4) Examples of worldly sorrow

a) King Herod Matt. 14:9

b) Rich young man Matt. 19:22

c) Judas Matt. 27:3-5

2. Genuine Repentance Can Be Recognized By Others

a. Recognized according to its nature

"a change of mind leading to a change of action"

b. Recognized according to its fruit

1) speedy resolution (diligence, earnestness, eagerness)

2) honest approach (controlled by reason, not by emotion)

3) indignation (shame and distress)

4) fear

5) longing (to see the offended party)

6) zeal (upholding the honor and reputation of the offended party)

7) avenging of wrong

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