Summary: The Glory of HIs Grace

God’s Amazing Grace

II Cor 8:9 II Cor 12:9

I The Glory of His Grace. Eph. 1:6

1. We are accepted in the Beloved Eph 1:6

2. We are blood-related to the Beloved Heb 2:11-15

3. We are begotten by the Beloved. 1 Peter 1:3

4. We are joint heirs with the Beloved Rom. 8:17

5. We shall reign eternally with the Beloved II Tim 2:12

II. The Riches of His Grace. Eph 1:7

1. We have redemption through the riches of His Grace. Col 1:14

2. We have forgiveness through the riches of His Grace. 1:14

3. We are Justified by the riches of His Grace. Rom. 3:24

4. We are delivered by the riches of His Grace. Col. 1:13

5. We are translated by the riches of His Grace. Col 1:13

III. The inclusions of His Grace Titus 2:11

1. We all have access by faith into His Grace. Rom 5:2

2. We are all instructed to come boldly before the throne of Grace Heb 4:16

3. We are all included in His Salvation


a. Whosoever shall call upon His Name Rom 10:13

b. As many as receive Him John 1:11-12

c. If anyone hear my voice. Rev 3:20

4. His Grace far exceeds our sins. Rom 5:20

5. The abundance of His Grace results in the Gift of Righteousness Rom 1:17

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