Summary: God's creation declares His excellency, His creation has a purpose, and His creation is managed His way.

God’s Beautiful Creation

Psalm 8:1-9

- We’re continuing our study through the book of Psalms.

- This week, we’re going to look at what David tells us about God’s beautiful creation.

- It’s a Psalm that’s all about the glory of our great God and the evidence of that being shown through His creation, here on earth and in the heavens.

- Last week, Sherri and I dropped the boys off at Baptist Youth Camp, and on the way back, I decided to drive through the Moosehorn Wildlife Refuge’s auto route.

- I’ve heard great things about it, but in all my years living here, I’d never been on it.

- It’s approximately 5 miles of beautiful scenery that goes right through the Moosehorn and ends on Route 1, just before you enter Calais.

- I decided to drive really slow so we could keep an eye out for wildlife, and before we knew it, a nice big rabbit appeared on the road and went into the woods.

- He stopped to look back at us, so we got to enjoy watching him for a few minutes, then off he ran.

- There’s a huge pond along the way, and also a big lake.

- When we got to the lake, we were looking at some beaver dams when all of a sudden, a family of Loons appeared, with the mother in the front, three babies in the middle, and the father in the back, swimming right along.

- We also could hear the birds singing all along the path, and it was just a really peaceful time.

- God’s creation is beautiful, and we’re definitely blessed to live in such a wonderful part of the world, here in Maine.

- Let’s look now at what the Psalmist tells us about creation.

I. God’s Creation declares His excellency- Vs 1-2

- When my family moved to Maine, I remember the long drive between Bangor and Calais on Route 9.

- It was really long, but I’ll never forget it, because it was my first time seeing the beautiful scenery along the way.

- As I saw the trees, and the lakes, and the hills, I couldn’t help but tell God, “Thank you for creating such a beautiful place.”

- Last week, I took the ministry interns with me to Machiasport so they could meet Pastor Bill Holmes and then see Jasper Beach.

- They really loved and appreciated how beautiful it was.

- The smooth stones, the cool sea breeze, the smell of the ocean, the tide coming in, the small waves splashing the rocks, then the water falling back making a mesmerizing sound as it trickled back down the stones.

- I sat there and just took it all in, enjoying the peacefulness.

- Once again, I said, “Thank you Lord for creating such a beautiful place.”

- I’m not much of an outdoor person, but that’s one thing I always try to do…tell God thank you for His beautiful Creation.

- He created it, He sustains it, and He allows us to live in it.

- As I watch His creation, I see it declaring His excellency, and I join in that declaration, because God deserves to be exalted and given credit for His Creation!

- That’s what we see the Psalmist doing here.

- In vs 1, he starts by saying, “Oh Lord, our Lord!”

- Don’t miss that…

- David first calls God by His Covenant name, Yahweh…

- Then, He calls God by His position, as Lord, or Master of His people.

- So basically, David was saying, “Our God is our Master.”

- I want to stop right there for a moment, because that’s crucial for us to realize if we want to have a right understanding of who God is.

- God created everything…some people are willing to admit that…some will even go so far as to say that He keeps it all going…but then they stop short.

- So they’ll acknowledge that God is real, and maybe they’ll even go so far as to believe that Jesus came as God and gave His life for the sin of the world…

- But that’s stopping short of a full understanding of God…

- Oh Lord, our Lord…Not only has God created everything and is over everything, but He is also our Lord, our Ruler, our Master!

- Some people don’t want our great God to be the Lord of their life, and they think it’s enough just to believe that God, the Lord, is real…

- No, we must lift God up as Lord of our lives, Lord over everyone and everything, because that’s the position He rightfully deserves…

- Whether or not we’re willing to admit that and submit to Him doesn’t change the fact that He is the Lord over everyone and everything…Jesus is Lord!

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