Summary: If we are not careful, we can lose God’s blessings.


A) Our lives today are full of questions! * We question the matter of security!

* I am secure in Christ, but the truth is that I can shipwreck my faith by making a conscious

decision to leave the Lord! * I don’t like the phrase, "losing your salvation." (Depart from)

* That’s just as bad as, "once saved, always saved!"

B) However, there are some blessings which can be lost!

* The Bible records many spiritual blessings which men received from God, and then lost!

* Let us look at some of them today.


* In our Scripture text today, we find a man who lost the power he had with God!

* He did so because he made some mistakes! * Let’s examine the life of Samson.

A) He was a man called by God to a deliverance ministry! * Judges 13:24-25

* His fall was caused by several factors ... These things could happen to us too, so beware!

B) First, he broke his separation unto the Lord! * He fooled around with the enemies of God.

* In chapter 14 he marries a wife from the Philistines; in chapter 16, he spends the night with a

prostitute, and later in the same chapter, he falls in love with Delilah.

C) He frustrated the will of God for his life by his failure to live a holy life.

* God has called us to live a life of holiness ... Heb.12:14 "Follow peace with all ......."

D) He sinned through presumption! * He presumed that because God had called him,

* And because he’d done exploits in the name of the Lord, he would be forgiven, no matter what

he did. * He fell because his life was controlled by fleshly desires.

E) He had the power of God restored in his life by repentance, but paid a high cost for it!

* He died with his enemies after they had put out his eyes.

* Have you lost the power of God from your life?

F) "Far too many Christians live their life on the battery system."

* Some kids have these battery operated cars. * When the battery is charged all was well!

* But when the battery goes dead, so goes the car.

G) There are Christian believers who seem to run their spiritual life & service on that system.

* They go to an altar and ask God to give them a deeper life and when they get up from the altar,

they are altogether different ... for several weeks.

* But something happens to them and their battery goes dead, and instead of coming to church and

getting their battery charged so they can keep on going, they stay away from the charger!

H) Often, we do not realize how important little things are! * Samson did not.

* Perhaps he thought that most of his sins were unknown. A famous explorer in South America

was once driven back and forced to abandon his journey by an almost invisible foe.

* He was equipped to meet leopards and serpents and crocodiles.

* They proved to be no threat, but he had failed to reckon with the little fellows - the million of

"chiggers." They are so tiny we call them the "no see-ums."

* Someone has composed the following poem about these tiny invaders:

* Here’s to the chigger, the bug that’s no bigger ... Than the end of a very small pin;

* But the itch that he raises simply amazes ... And that’s where the rub comes in!

I) Today, watch the tiny things which may spoil your testimony!

* Remember, "He that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in much." Lk.16:10

* Be on guard against the "little foxes" - that evil thought, that hasty word, that burst of temper,

* That snap judgment which may bring defeat! Put on the whole armor of God by prayer, Bible

study, and spiritual exercise, and you will be able to ward off enemies both large and small!

(2) JOY OF SALVATION CAN BE LOST! * David is known as a man after God’s own heart,

* And on many occasions in his life, the joy of the Lord was certainly present, and was one of the

outstanding characteristics of his life.

* But, because at a weak moment he gave in to the desires of the flesh, he lost that joy.

A) David was called by God to his place of leadership in Israel.

* He was a man used of God, and a man who had joy in the Lord. * An outstanding example was

his joy at the return of the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem - 1Chron.16:7-36

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