-- 7 Essentials of God's Call for the Apostle

Paul and for Your Life

1. Owned by the Master -- General -- "a bond-servant of Christ Jesus"

security that comes from knowing we belong to Christ; leads to dedicated service

2. Plugged into Gifted Ministry -- Specific -- "called as an apostle"

3. Dedicated to the Gospel -- "set apart for the gospel of God"

a. Promised by God in the OT

b. Focused on the person of Jesus Christ

1) Relationship to God the Father = "His Son"

2) Relationship to us = "our Lord"

3) What we learn about Him by virtue of the incarnation

4) What we learn about Him by virtue of the resurrection

4. Challenged by Worldwide Vision (:5-6)

5. Sourced in God's Love -- "to all who are beloved of God in Rome"

6. Characterized by Holiness -- "called as saints"

7. Dependent on God's Resources -- continual supply of grace & peace

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