Summary: A message challenging us to listen to God when he speaks to us concerning our sinful ways.


Hosea 4:1-11

INTRO: We, as people, Christians and non-Christians alike, are ready to listen when God speaks to us comforting things. But when He has to condemn us for the things that we have done, we are not ready to listen to Him.

Such was the case of Israel, and such is the case with us today. Today, we want to compare our ease with that of Israel, and see if we can recognize the similarities between the two.


A. They made no excuse for what they did (v. 1).

1. There is not truth or mercy when there is no knowledge of God.

2. God was made known to Israel. They had no reason not to know


B. They had broken five of the Commandments (v. 2).

1. Sin is violent and powerful.

a. When mens eyes are upon evil, nothing will stop them.

2. Bloodshed is common.

a. Much bloodshed for power in Israel.

b. Much bloodshed for power in the Church.

C. Sentence is passed (vv. 3-5).

1. The whole land to be destroyed.

2. They had broken God’s commandments, now He will take away

their comforts.

3. Do not reprove, God says.

a. When people have gone that far, they will not listen.

b. They have become hardened in sin. It will not do any good

to talk to them.

4. The false prophet to fall also.

a. He shall fall for leading astray.

b. The ruin of those who lead astray shall be a special ruin.


A. They let the prophets teach them wrong (v. 6)

1. Their lack of knowledge was voluntary.

2. Both priests and people rejected that knowledge.

B. The more populous a nation grows, the more sin is committed,

and the more profane it becomes (v. 7).

C. Instead of warning the people against sin, the priests were

encouraging them to sin (vv. 8-9).

D. Seeking after fleshly lusts, caused their ultimate downfall

(vv. 10-11).

CONC: As we can see, a lot of the things that happened to Israel are happening to our country today, and are happening in our churches. Unless we repent, and turn back to God, we will experience the same downfall that Israel experienced.

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