Summary: Revealing the purpose of the male man

God’s Chosen Man

Jn. 15:15-16

Bishop David Ibeleme

Many times we as men do everything to be chosen;

 Job interviews

 On Sports Teams

 Competitions

The problem is we do things primarily to be chosen above someone else.

This makes us see each other as enemies or even aliens instead of allies.

We even try to impress God so He can choose us above others.

This happens with respect to;

 Ministry positions,

 Ministry gifts,

 Even with respect to rewards in heaven.

It’s important to note that God hasn’t called us to compete with, but to complete one another – Rom. 12:4ff.

He’s already chosen you to express Him so you need not try to impress Him.

You are God’s Chosen Man;

To Express Him – Col. 1:27.

 This is the reason he called us His glory – 1 Cor. 11:7ff.

 This is the reason you were created.

 This is the reason He wants you to study His Word – 2 Tim. 2:15.

To Walk in Dominion – Gen. 1:26-28.

 This is the reason you were/are blessed – Gen. 1:28.

 This is the reason Jesus gave you authority – Lk. 10:19; Matt. 28:18ff.

To Manage Information – Gen. 18:17; Prov. 11:13.

 This is the reason He relies on you to restore others – Rom. 15:1ff.

 That’s why He sees you as an encourager of other men – Gal. 6:1ff.

To Lead; God’s People and Your Family – Acts 6:1ff; Gen. 18:17-18.

 Early Church leaders were predominantly men.

 You are responsible for the general discipline of you family – Gen. 18:17ff; Deut. 6:6ff.

 You are responsible for taking care of your wife – Eph. 5:23-25.

To Raise The Next Generation – Deut. 6:1ff; Gen: 18:17ff.

 You are responsible for the discipline of the children – Eph. 6:4ff.

 The father’s revelation is meant to be the son’s foundation – Mal. 4:3ff.

To Flourish – Zech. 1:17.

 You are called upon to show forth God’s glory – Ps. 92:12.

 It is God’s will that you prosper – 3 Jn. 1:2.

 You weren’t deigned to lack or beg – Ps. 37:23ff.

To be Saved – Lk. 19:10ff.

 It is God’s will that all men be saved – 1 Tim. 2:4.

 Jesus went to the cross for the salvation of mankind – Col. 1:12-13.

 He has made so easy for all men to be saved – Rom. 10:8-13.

 This is why God has put things in place to ensure that we are delivered from every situation – Ps. 34:19; Is. 41:10; 54:17.

The Scriptures declare that it is not that we chose God, but rather that He, first chose us – Jn. 15:15ff.

You can now boldly declare “I Am God’s Chosen Man”.

Copyright © 2008 by Rev. Dr. David Ibeleme

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