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Summary: I believe Noah had the greatest church going. The Bible says, he was a preacher of righteousness.. And I believe God shows us through Noah how a church is to properly function. There are 6 points to show us why.

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Title: God’s Dream Church

Text: Gen 6-8 and II Peter 2:5


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- This morning I want to talk about the church, and how wonderful it truly is.

- I believe Noah had the greatest church going.

- How many people knew that Noah was a Pastor?

- The Bible says, he was a preacher of righteousness.

- And I believe God shows us through Noah how a church is to properly function.

- Before we get into today’s text first let me explain what the church is.

Matt 16:18 says, “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”

- The greek word ekklesia (church) refers to a meeting of people called out and summoned together.

- In the N.T. it designates primarily the congregation of God’s people in Christ, who come together as citizens of God’s Kingdom (Eph 2:19) for the purpose of worshipping God.

- The word church can refer to a local church (Matt 18:17; Acts 15:4) or the universal church (Matt 16:18; Acts 20:28)

- So therefore as individuals we are the church, and when we come together we make one body or one unit.

- Like I mentioned before, there a local church which we are a part of, and the universal church, which is everyone who is saved that has died and gone on, and who is living around the world.

- God’s plan for the church is truly amazing. So what is the church:

- The church is presented as the people of God.

- The church is a people called out, also the church is the temple of God.

- The church is the body of Christ and the bride of Christ.

- The church is victorious over sin, death hell and the grave.

- The church is on it’s way to Heaven and the gates of hell can’t stop it.

- The church truly is a people with a future hope.


- So the question is how can we get more people into the church. To experience this amazing family of God?

- Or how can we get people to experience body of Christ?

- Noah shows us how.

- Noah paints for us a picture perfect church.

- Now we all know that it was not perfect, but there are some things we can learn from this man and his church.

- Noah’s church is a church that we all need to model our lives from and our churches from.

- So lets look more closer at Noah’s church this morning.

Noah gives us a picture church by.........

Point 1: He was a man of Righteousness

- Amidst the widespread wickedness and evil of those days (vs 5), God found in Noah one man who still sought communion with Him and who was a righteous man.

- “Blameless among the people of his time” indicates that he kept himself separate from the moral evil of the society around him.

- Noah feared God

- This righteousness in Noah’s life came by God’s grace, through Noah’s faith and walk with God (vs 9).

- We must sincerely walk with God and remain separated from a perverse generation. (Vs 22;7:5,9,16)

- Noah was a man of faith.

- We find in II Peter 2:5 that Noah was a preacher. This is what Pastors need to be like.

- When I look at my life, I no that I am not perfect, even though my wife keeps telling me that I am.

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