Summary: Fire and brimstone sermon on God’s promise of Heaven for believers and Hell for unbelievers


Rev 21:1-8


I. Promise of Salvation for Believers – God personally ratifies His promises

A. Description of Heaven (v 1-4)

1. No more sea (v. 1) – No more danger – separation from God

2. Sin separated us from God, but even we won’t remember our sins. (v. 4)

B. God speaks (v. 5) – 1st time in Revelation

1. That’s it! (v. 6)

a. Why? – Because I Am…

1. Beginning = Source

2. End = Consummation

b. Thirst for righteousness – Free gift of Salvation – ( I will give w/o cost)

c. Overcome – Live by faith – Abraham – David

1. Son = Greatest gift of all.

II. Promise of Damnation (v. 8) – Description of Hell – God cannot make it any clearer - ILLUS 650 – C.S. Lewis and gravestone “Here lies and atheist all dressed up with no place to go.” “I’ll bet he wishes that were true.”

A. In order –

1. Cowardly – Won’t confess Jesus as Savior – ILLUS – Columbine martyr

2. Unbelieving – Won’t accept message of salvation – ILLUS – Atheist “I don’t believe in God.” Christian “Someday you will.”

B. Second death – Earthly then spiritually

III. ALL these sins can be forgiven

A. Plan of Salvation

1. Sin separates us from God

2. We cannot atone for it ourselves (nothing we can do is worthy)

3. God sent Jesus to atone for our sins

4. His death/resurrection = our death to sin and resurrection to eternal life

5. We must confess Jesus as our Savior and live for Him

6. We must seek forgiveness for our sins

7. It is God’s mercy and grace that saves us

8. It isn’t fair because we don’t deserve it, but it is God’s plan!

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